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Candybooru image #8643, tagged with Drawathon_2014 Lily Lucy Mike MikexLucy Taeshi_(Artist)


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Oh, there's mine! Yay! Too bad I couldn't get in on the actual stream, but it's perfect! Thanks!

modulusshift 2 months ago.

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Yes it is perfect.

bluefox 2 months ago.

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This one gives me THE BIGGEST

TBlackfeet 2 months ago.

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I think when I get my tablet in a week or so I'm going to do some work on it and clean it up some... We'll see if the results are any good. If they turn out well, I'd be happy to help with others. It should make the sketches print quality.
Thanks again, Taeshi!

modulusshift 2 months ago.

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Finished the work, it can be seen at >>8773. I'm doing requests, leave a comment pointing to your sketch on an already vectorized sketch and I'll get to it.

modulusshift 1 month ago.

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This one was actually my request. :S
It was the last one in the stream. I watched her draw it.

TheDeadlyPianist 3 weeks ago.

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Nevermind, it's actually just very similar. D:
Sorry dude.

TheDeadlyPianist 3 weeks ago.