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Candybooru image #8823, tagged with Lucy LucyxSandy Sandy Striife_(Artist)


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THIS IS THE RIGHT ONE the other one wasnt finished hjfwksdh
i dont even ship this i'd still probably cry if this happened tbh just the irony of the whole situation

Striife 5 days ago.

Comment ID #62486

I love that face lucy is making.

bluefox 5 days ago.

Comment ID #62491

Taking into account the comedy and drama of comic conclude that this would be THE BEST FINAL EVER X3

Lucys 4 days ago.

Comment ID #62501

This is one of those "sorry-not-sorry" sort of things. I'm certainly not sorry. :P

Ravako 4 days ago.

Comment ID #62507

i approve this

MimiChan 4 days ago.