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Candybooru image #9035, tagged with Lucy Soleil_(Artist) crossover


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This is my first fanart upload! I'm still getting used to using a tablet ^^;; but I hope you all like it.
I was watching the drawing stream and they got to talking about south park for a moment...Someone in the chat said Lucy would be Craig, and one thing led to another, and so here is Lucy as Craig from South Park!

Soleil 11 months ago.

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XD I remember that conversation. Looks amazing btw.

xMakeItRain94 11 months ago.

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Wonderful colours

SuitCase 11 months ago.

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Oh yeah! I was the one who said that Lucy would be Craig. Great drawing!

Jair 11 months ago.

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Thanks you guys!!! :D

Soleil 11 months ago.