Bittersweet Candy Bowl

An Introduction

Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a funny, sweet and sad comic about cats and dogs in high school.

It’s been running since 2006!

It updates three times a week!

People talk about it a lot.


(Reader comments on the last 3 chapters.)

7,756 (Number of images uploaded to Candybooru.)

6.32% (6.32% of readers want Mike dead, per 2012 survey.)

Meet the class!

The sweet-natured romantic who last saw his girlfriend in grade school…
The prickly loner with the bow in her hair who totally doesn’t like Mike or anything…
The mischievous slacker who’s less of a womanising jerk than he lets on…
and Daisy
The cheerful bookworm who’s desperate to be more than everybody’s “little sister”.

Take a field trip!

Chapter 64, page 4

Augustus and Lucy chat about Daisy

Chapter 63, page 6

Lucy dwells on Mike ignoring her

Chapter 44, page 25

Paulo turns around a Truth or Dare

Chapter 78, page 3

Tess reads a little too far into things

So get reading!

Start at chapter one, page one! It’s a wild ride.

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