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Candybooru image #2918, tagged with Lucy Mike MikexLucy Positive_Sissors_(Artist) Yashy


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Lovely artwork


Anonymous #1 4 years ago.

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I like this style. Goes well with music.

Hoheh 4 years ago.

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Nice i really like this pic
Very creative XD

AndreBR 4 years ago.

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quite touching

Anonymous #2 4 years ago.

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Alternate interpretation. She's singing lovingly. But she's also feeling a need for Mike. And he can hear her need, leading to mixed feelings of what constitutes the "right" move. Cheat on Sandy, because Lucy needs some loving? Or stay loyal and ignore a desperately-calling Lucy? Choose wisely...

Hoheh 3 years ago.

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Ooh! I love your style! It's so fun & creative :o

Olivia 3 years ago.

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Choose Lucy. Sandy is becoming famous. She's quickly growing out of your league. Do you seriously think you could still have something with Sandy with the busy life she lives!?

Cut your losses and be with the one, who's always been there for you. Lucy.

Anonymous #3 3 years ago.