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Candybooru image #3549, tagged with Jasmine Paulo PauloxTess Shmeba_(Artist) Tess


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I, I don't why but when I look at your drawings they strike fear into my soul.

BotonWiggles 4 years ago.

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are they scary?? ;_;

Anonymous #1 4 years ago.

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I don't even-

LisaCat89 4 years ago.

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Sparkle fight ever herd of 'em? they're fun! My friends & I'll just randomly grab sparkle packets & Scream "SPARKLE FIGHT" then we blow/throw sparkles @ eachother!!! It's fun!!!
~Shmeba XD
(yeah, we're weird that way..... :P )

Anonymous #2 4 years ago.

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@ LisaCat89
I would appreciate your input cause u draw awesome stuffs soooo, please tell me whats wrong & i'll improve!!!! :|
~Shmeba XD
(I'm serious)

Shmeba 4 years ago.

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Oh, dear god! The sparkles, they're spreading! Save yourselves! Run while you still can!

In all seriousness, it is a pretty good drawing. Far better than what I could do. Great job!

Alpha142 3 years ago.

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Oh. I had the thumbnail right. No hurt your fav bishie and his girlfriend, Tessie!

Hoheh 3 years ago.