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Candybooru image #4042, tagged with BCB_Art_Meme Daisy David Katie Kizuna Lucy McCain Mike PauloxLucy Rachel Sandy Sue Tess katie1113_(Artist)


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Seriously Mike, all she wants is a happy birthday. Man up.
Also I liked ******!

katie1113 4 years ago.

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What @ #4
Tess has always known why people have been mean and cruel to her.

Seppucrow 4 years ago.

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I think I'm in love, Katie this is so awesome ^^
Although I'm not completely loving #4, I think Tess fully understands why people are mean to her, and she regrets the decisions she made in the past. But I'm not one to judge someone else's opinion on an individual within a comic. :)
I'd love to see more of your work, your art style is stupendous! ^^

Anonymous #1 4 years ago.

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Just a note: Tess's boyfriend's name was Roger, not Mike. She has never been with Michael.

Anonymous #2 3 years ago.

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Anon #2 she says "With a boyfriend like MINE" not mike ;)

RedJack 3 years ago.

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Yeah the thing about Tess is a bit of a hyperbole. I don't know, she just bugs me. Thanks all for the comments, it's my first post! (Also sorry about my messy handwriting!)

katie1113 3 years ago.

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Very good! :D #6 and #8 made me lol! and #10 made me go awww. Mike should have said happy birthday to her, no matter what happened between them, she's still his friend.
Anyway yay 4 Sue and nice female McCain! XD

Itzumi 3 years ago.

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I agree with you about Tess, haha.

Rureey 3 years ago.

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One of the best Memes yes! Keep up the good work, Katie!!

Rachel giraffe: "Talk about the deep throat!"


Migrant 3 years ago.

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Oh, of course. I see my mistake now.

Sincerely, Anonymous #2 and #3.

Anonymous #3 3 years ago.