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Candybooru image #6514, tagged with Mike crazyprinc3ss_(Artist)


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i like it so far.But am going to still try harder :)

crazyprinc3ss 3 years ago.

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I don't get it... So did she die and the ribbon is floating in the air...or......is mike a evil sciencest who made the worlds largest bow...but when lucy tried it on it crushed her! :unsure:

Link4565 3 years ago.

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Ummm... Huge demonic bow. Is it floating or siting on the horizon? Plz explain dear artist

PotterHead_jelly_bean 3 years ago.

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Sandy has BLACK eyes.... not blue

Shannon 3 years ago.

Comment ID #51635

The above comment is hilarious

Anialator 3 years ago.

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well i try people geez...but right now i am drawing lucy on paper and i do draw pretty good on paper and it will take some time...anyhow i did try to make the bow in front of mike :(but i will try harder!!! 8-D

crazyprinc3ss 3 years ago.

Comment ID #51692

Looks to me like its either floating in front of him or way off in the distance, which only feels like now its a giant house. And also, its pre-tied? So what does Lucy pull it over her head like a shirt now?

Leo-Inu 3 years ago.