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To be continue...?
Hey guys, hope this image is uploaded properly (looks fine to me now).
Anyway, is there anyone out there who finally got tired of waiting for a Mike x Lucy romance relationship? Because I have, being a fan since 2010 till now, I now see Mike and Lucy better as "siblings" than a couple now. Don't bash me, I support Mike x Sandy now lol. Hope you guys like it?

cashleychen 9 months ago.

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That Last Panel <3

gardnaeden 9 months ago.

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SuitCase 9 months ago.

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cutiekiyomi 9 months ago.

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This is awesome. Please continue.

Daffyhat 9 months ago.

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since we're not related it'll be okay plays all by the sudden

MimiChan 9 months ago.

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this is.. so amazing

aaaaa this is really amazing holy crap hahahahahha

the panel with both moms is the BEST

also they're not related so I'm not annoyed about any of this lol ffffffff

Taeshi 9 months ago.

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Thank you all! I'm glad Mike x Lucy as siblings got an approval heheh

cashleychen 9 months ago.