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Candybooru image #8789, tagged with David DavidxFlower_Girl DavidxKizuna Flower_Girl Jasmine Kizuna Lucy McCain Paulo Sue Thackety_(Artist)


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I hope this isn't too big. o_o I did downscale it. And I'm really sorry if I offended anybody by including ******, this image was inspired by @Benedetto and their Kizu drawing. Also sorry for the bad drawing, I'm still not very good with a tablet or with drawing BCB characters so yeah. D: See if you can spot some of the other characters I have hidden(Not very well) in this picture. Check the tags to see who you might have missed! ;)

Thackety 3 weeks ago.

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David's flower messed up. ;-; must have accidentally hidden a layer. Whoops.

Thackety 3 weeks ago.

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Shut it Mcain. No one cares about who takes drugs.

Daffyhat 3 weeks ago.

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I see Lucy, Sue, McCain, Jasmine, Paulo, and poor baby Kizu in the background haha XP

This is very cute!! It takes a while getting used to a tablet, believe me I know x_X I especially like all the little stuff hidden in the background!

benedetto 3 weeks ago.

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Very good.

Mcturtle 3 weeks ago.

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@Daffyhat Yes, it seems 'McCain's Campaigns' haven't been taking off... wonder why that is? xD

Thanks, Benedetto and Mcturtle. The hardest part in this was probably finding where to put them haha. :D

Thackety 3 weeks ago.