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Candybooru image #8870, tagged with Abbey Amaya Bittersweet_Candy_Brawl Lucy Mike Paulo Sue shinysugar_(Artist)


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For those who cannot tell:
Clockwise, the objects shown are...
Bow (Lucy), Star necklace (Tess), Ear+tied fur (Jessica), poncho (Augustus), Camera (Justin), popcorn (Amaya), big ears (Abbey), deaf ear (Lucy again because reasons), hairstyle (Paulo), berry necklace thing + arm holding it (Sue) and of course, the scarf (Mike/Maishul)
Yes, this is a real project.
No, I cannot guarantee that it will be out on the date shown.
Yes, I will implement every main, secondary, and several background characters, from both older and newer BCB.

shinysugar 10 months ago.

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Even She-who-cannot-be-named-here?

Daffyhat 10 months ago.

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Indeedy daffyhat

shinysugar 10 months ago.

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I will favorite the crap outta this when you make it.

Daffyhat 9 months ago.

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Don't wait up. Everything is barely coming together. The game is lacking audio cause reasons, the jump script is a pile of crap, and everything else is under work.

shinysugar 9 months ago.

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I imagine the game will be similar to Smash Bros.?

The_Mylestone 9 months ago.

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This looks interesting, so, what engine/Programming language is being codded with?

ricky_daniel13 9 months ago.

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@The_Mylstone Indeed it will.

@ricky_daniel13 It'll be sprited and coded using Scratch (.sb) editor.

shinysugar 9 months ago.