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Candybooru image #10091, tagged with JayGamer_(Artist) Mike


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Okay, last one, maybe, I don't know, I really like this style,,,,
Wallpaper if you want it i don't feel like anyone wants these but whatever hahaha:

Jaltoid has a great style! Go watch them! I'm not advertising them, I'm just making sure it's obvious that this is their style and not mine!

JayGamer on September 22, 2015.

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What If you are Jaltoid... :O But really, you could'a fooled me!

dirtdog1996 on September 23, 2015.

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I've taken all the wallpapers so far. These are really good! Keep it up :)

Derrick751 on September 23, 2015.

Comment ID #67816

ye. this one and the jasmine were my phone wallpapers for a time. think i'll use the sandy one for my wallpaper actually. love the art jay!

kingofsmooth on September 30, 2015.