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The Bittersweet Candy Bowl books

Start your Bittersweet Candy Bowl collection. Painstakingly reworked, revised and enhanced, these books are the best things in this store.

Every book contains exclusive chapters, drawings and other bonuses you won’t find online. We add as much as we can to every volume!

Volume One
  • Giant hardcover (nearly 600 pages!)
  • Over 100 pages of exclusive comics and illustrations
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Volume Two: “Starting Over”
  • Perfect for new readers!
  • 276-page halftoned hardcover
  • 34 pages of exclusive comics and illustrations
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Volume Three
  • In full color for the first time!
  • 260-page hardcover
  • 32 pages of exclusive comics and illustrations
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Ask Roseville High
  • Exclusive answers to questions from BCB’s Tumblr askblog
  • 60 favorites plus 60 new answers
  • Compact 5″ × 5″ softcover, illustrated in vivid watercolor
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Spoiled for choice? Consider these Book Bundles

Starter Bundle
Volume One and Volume Two

$88 $59

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Starter Plus Bundle
Volume One, Volume Two and Ask Roseville High

$102 $69

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All Books Bundle
Volumes One, Two and Three plus Ask Roseville High

$141 $99

Best value!

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eBook Bundle
All four books in PDF, Kindle (.mobi) and e-ink (.cbz) formats

$52 $35

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Bittersweet Club International


A closeup of the Bittersweet Gold membership card

An exclusive club for our biggest fans. Become a supporter of the comic and get access to these features:

More than 260 pages of bonus comics!
Unique gifts and benefits!
  • Jasmine charm Exclusive charm
  • Special recognition in comments Special recognition
  • BCI lapel pin Lapel pin
  • Door to Door minicomic Minicomic

Join today to support the comic and get all of the great gifts above (and more!)

iPhone app

Full of unique features, the official BCB app brings slice-of-life romantic comedy to your iPhone or iPod touch! Featuring a revamped design and lots of new BCB material, it’s free (with an optional $5 in-app purchase.)

Picture Perfect

Waggle, tweet and blow your way through a multimedia extravaganza of an app-exclusive bonus comic!

An Awesome Reading Experience

Make use of super-clever readthrough tracking, and find favorite moments with better-than-the-website thumbnail previews!

Exclusive Wallpaper

Pore over a colorful collection of brand new wallpaper art by Veronica and wonderful artist friends!

… and lots more!

Update reminders! All of Candybooru! Ask Roseville High! Lots of Easter eggs!

Download on the App Store

Or visit on your iPhone or iPod touch and tap on the app banner!


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