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    Ash_(Artist), Paulo

    Ash_(Artist) Paulo (540x689, 181.0KB)

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    will my style ever be consistant? no. but enjoy college age paulo who's come out as bi and normalises fem clothes on dudes

    Ash 1 day ago.

    bramblepaws_(Artist), comfit_(Artist), Lucy, Mike

    Lucy Mike bramblepaws_(Artist) comfit_(Artist) (1920x1080, 68.7KB)

    Comment ID #89004 =bramblepaws made a little bitty pmv a couple months ago and forgot to post it here!

    bramblepaws 5 days ago.

    Augustus, Lucy, Shiraru_(Artist)

    Augustus Lucy Shiraru_(Artist) (1536x3048, 2.0MB)

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    I wanted to draw a comic of Augustus and Lucy going apartment hunting since it’s Augustus’s senior year but I got lazy and HAVENT drawn it but I do have it all written out. I wonder if I should just post the written out parts as is but yeah that’s what this was.

    Shiraru 6 days ago.


    Ronyle143_(Artist) (1280x960, 268.3KB)

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    masterd122 1 week ago.

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    Good morning or Good evening my candybooru fellow im cousin of ronyle143 or jhonnyd

    masterd122 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #89000

    im sad say this he already passed away this febuary 14,im reposting this because he ldove this site and he love this community,im just want to say that thank you for making him enjoy with you guys very thank you

    masterd122 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #89001

    I’m so sorry to hear that! I can see that he did post on Candybooru, and the site comments here and there over the years. I hope you and all his family are doing as well as they can. :(

    SuitCase 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #89002

    Oh no this is such awful news, I’m so sorry ;___; Many condolences to you and your family, I remember Ronyle143’s art very fondly!!! Wishing you all the best with such a tragic loss :(

    Taeshi 1 week ago.

    Daisy, Draw_Stream, Mike, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy Draw_Stream Mike Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 861.8KB)

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    Mike and Paulo adopt each other as costumes for halloween.

    SuitCase 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #88729

    Probably the most awkward thing she ever seen.

    SCD 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #88733

    I don't know what gets me the most, looking Paulo with his metro look (he looks handsome) or wondering how Mike amounted enough confidence to buy and walk with two "Sally's"("She's cuddly and she's bouncy, She's like a rubber ball").

    Powerofthree_outlandos 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #88997

    After Halloween.

    Paulo : "Hey buddy. How is it going?"

    Mike : "Not so great. This was kind of a bad idea. To be honest I got scolded in 8 different houses."

    Paulo : So... What are you going to do with this things? ... you know once Halloween is over."

    Mike : "I don't really know. I'm not sure my mom would like to see them in the house."

    Mike sees Paulo awkwardly looking at the dolls.

    Mike : "You want to keep them don't you"

    Paulo : "Yes. Yes, I'd love to."

    mushroom_(Artist), Tess

    Tess mushroom_(Artist) (867x1639, 138.5KB)

    Comment ID #88986

    evil tess

    mushroom 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88987

    oh my god why is it so huge i thought i scaled it dooooown

    mushroom 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88988

    Abe Simpson: That Tess is evil, I tells ya! Evil! EEEE-VIL!

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88989


    bramblepaws 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88990

    the line texture is really good, the pose and expression are so fun and interesting, and the colors are On Point
    it's been really cool to see how much you've improved just across your last like 6 or so images on the booru :eyes emoji: like... Hell Yes

    bramblepaws 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88991

    ^But they've got two drawings tagged as Excellent already. They're still improving, but it is not as if they haven't had any previous exceptional drawings...
    Still, I agree with everything you pointed out.

    This drawing is just excellent! I love it <3

    Marko 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88993

    yooooo evil tess....I love this so much omfg I'm really into a lot of different parts of it but I'm especially captivated by the lineart!!! so pretty!!

    also, improvement doesn't negate the quality of previous work! saying someone's art is getting better doesn't mean you're also saying their old work is bad 8-)

    leporibae 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88994

    hahahah i hope you didn't think i took anything bad from what brambles said, marko!!! they've been commenting on my work for three years so i know they meant it in a positive way. i appreciate the sentiment and your compliments!!

    and thank you brambles and leporibae you guys are so sweet <33 i appreciate the attention to detail i'm particularly proud of all the aspects you pointed out >w>;;

    mushroom 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88995

    oh hell yeah, as you should be 8-) I hope to see more of your work soon!!! (also, do you have an art twitter or smth by any chance? *eyes emoji lmao*)

    leporibae 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88996

    i didn't but now i do @mush1field !!! i'd been meaning to get around to it for a long time anyway

    mushroom 2 weeks ago.

    blood, Box_(Artist), Lucy

    Box_(Artist) Lucy blood (1496x1725, 467.2KB)

    Comment ID #88980

    me @ mike

    Box 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88981

    holy moly this hits hard

    Terry 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88992

    this is so cool, looks like it would make a killer tattoo

    officerfurry 2 weeks ago.

    Mike, parody, Powerofthree_(Artist)

    Mike Powerofthree_(Artist) parody (1202x1893, 1.3MB)

    Comment ID #88985

    Who is responsible for this outcome?

    Powerofthree_outlandos 3 weeks ago.

    Draw_Stream, Mike, parody, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Mike Taeshi_(Artist) parody (1200x800, 358.1KB)

    Comment ID #88843

    same as it ever was

    SuitCase 3 months ago.

    Comment ID #88848

    Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down.
    Letting the days go by, water flowing underground.
    Into the blue again after the money's gone.
    Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground.

    SCD 3 months ago.

    Comment ID #88951

    This drawing somehow reminded me of the japanese group World Order. It would be nice seeing the BCB guys striking one of their poses xD

    Marko 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #88984

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    Runolfsdottir 3 weeks ago.

    Lucy, Mike, parody, Paulo, The_Mylestone_(Artist)

    Lucy Mike Paulo The_Mylestone_(Artist) parody (1600x1333, 341.7KB)

    Comment ID #88983

    this is so cute and GENIUS.. i love it

    faune 3 weeks ago.

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