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    Daisy, Lemoncatfox_(Artist), Lucy, LucyxDaisy, Mike, MikexSandy, Sandy

    Daisy Lemoncatfox_(Artist) Lucy LucyxDaisy Mike MikexSandy Sandy (768x768, 172.2KB)

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    Double date!

    Lemoncatfox 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #87285

    Mike learned a valuable lesson that day, never take all three of your girlfriends on one date.
    Nice drawing.

    SCD 3 days ago.

    human, kleine_(Artist), Lucy

    Lucy human kleine_(Artist) (690x691, 205.7KB)

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    i finally found my tablet pen after months so here is a post-tae kwon do human lucy! i headcanon her as having loads of hair the way she has loads of fur

    kleine 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87269

    OH MY GOD I LOOOOOOOVE HER!!!!! What a cool design! I like that you’ve incorporated her giant tail into her having long hair, that’s a really interesting touch. Really dig your colouring!

    Taeshi 2 weeks ago.

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    tough girl tough girl tough girl tough girl

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87274

    ohmygod shes so cute!!! tired from kicking ***!

    officerfurry 2 weeks ago.

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    hjkdfghg oh my god oh my god oh my god!! thank you so much!!!!!! i do the shading by layering hard round brushes with low opacity to get that effect if anyone wants to try it #^_^#

    kleine 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87283

    :love: Perfect expression and posture. You can see her psyching herself up for the next bout of training already.

    Biblioholic 3 days ago.

    Augustus, Lucy, mushroom_(Artist)

    Augustus Lucy mushroom_(Artist) (2171x1783, 709.2KB)

    Comment ID #87263

    late birthday gift for comfit of lucy and augustus!!!!!!!!! i know i''m super late on this but i had work so often i wasnt able to finish in time *_____* happy birthday comfit!!!!

    mushroom 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87264

    mushroom i am absolutely WEEPIN this is so SWEET!!!!! LOOKIT THESE BABIES

    ugh u draw eyes and fluff so good and i love how u did the lines and the EARS... im making this my computer bg. what the HECK!!! THANK U!!!!!

    comfit 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87265

    Cool drawing.
    Happy birthday, comfit!

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

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    Lijana 1 week ago.

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    i love coming onto candybooru and seeing tht uve posted art

    gaysae 4 days ago.

    edit, iGamr_(Artist), Jordan, Matt, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Jordan Matt Taeshi_(Artist) edit iGamr_(Artist) (644x428, 72.9KB)

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    Inspired by >>8252

    iGamr 5 days ago.

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    I'm using it ironically, as a meme, I'm not serious, no, YOU'RE crying!!! ;_;

    But honestly, I cried out in pain when I read the news (luckily there was no one at the office at 3AM). I understand completely and all the reasons are valid (and my schedule is gonna be easier too now, and I need that as well. I'm the one translating BCB into Russian, by the way) and I wish both Tae and Oliver all the best.

    It's still hurts so much that I had a mild hyperventilation attack (for 10-15 seconds or so, I battled it fast, I'm okay. Breathing-wise).
    Feels like an impending long-distance relationship. We'll all get Mike now. Tae is the best glass fuel provider ever.

    Please get enough rest, everyone.

    CR 5 days ago.

    Augustus, David, human, Officerfurry_(Artist), Paulo

    Augustus David Officerfurry_(Artist) Paulo human (1822x2206, 1.8MB)

    Comment ID #87275

    human headcanon for my fave boysssss

    officerfurry 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87279

    I really do love the strength of the artwork in these three. You've got a really good style!

    LackLuster 6 days ago.

    Daisy, Mewzia_(Artist)

    Daisy Mewzia_(Artist) (772x905, 435.3KB)

    Comment ID #87268

    I haven't drawn in months and in a moment where I haven't been in a severe depression slump I doodled up a daisy and actually liked it, heh... I have never tried this method of coloring until well this.

    Big fluff gal, I love her

    Mewzia 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87271

    I love this colouring style! It’s so airy and nice, love the subtle hues, I’m sorry that the last few months have been so rough :( I hope it picks up for you soon, all the best

    Taeshi 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87273

    Nice drawing.

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87276

    LOVE the colors

    SpaceMouse 2 weeks ago.

    JayGamer_(Artist), Sandy

    JayGamer_(Artist) Sandy (800x800, 333.0KB)

    Comment ID #87253

    congratulations on the successful kickstarter campaign and to everyone soon getting a copy of volume 6!!!!!

    JayGamer 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87255

    So cute, Jay!!!

    Comment ID #87256

    Cool drawing.

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87272

    THIS POSE IS SO GREAT I LOVE THE FOLDS OF THE SKIRT!!!! Her expression is so bouncy ;____; A CUTIE-PIE

    Taeshi 2 weeks ago.

    Daisy, human, msminxo_(Artist)

    Daisy human msminxo_(Artist) (575x621, 295.0KB)

    Comment ID #87266

    wanted to redraw this old human daisy i did! (its not posted to here though!) honestly this isn't 100% how i headcanon her since i can't decide on how to make her hair look but its reasonably close. ALSO FORGOT THE PEARLS...:(

    msminxo 2 weeks ago.

    edit, Matt, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Matt Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) edit (1559x621, 641.4KB)

    Comment ID #87233

    Instantly reminded me another edit on here

    Colada 3 weeks ago.

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    Kinroth 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #87262

    HOOOOLY ****ING **** im going to hell for laughing at this

    pineypigs 2 weeks ago.

    JessicaxMadison, kittencozy_(Artist), kittens, MattxPaulo

    JessicaxMadison MattxPaulo kittencozy_(Artist) kittens (1251x680, 311.5KB)

    Comment ID #87219

    matt/paulo lovekit has a self discovery...... tho jess/mad lovekit is sick of hearing it. every day

    kittencozy 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #87220

    creds 2 garb for the deisngs,, again, ahfbngjg i hope u dont mind me doodling them

    kittencozy 1 month ago.

    Comment ID #87261

    this is cute! i can really see the kids' personalities like this.

    Zelcatty 2 weeks ago.

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