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    Chirpy, edit, Jhawknh_(Artist), Jordan, JordanxLucy, Lily, Lucy, Yashy

    Chirpy Jhawknh_(Artist) Jordan JordanxLucy Lily Lucy Yashy edit (800x792, 310.3KB)

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    Anonymous #1 6 years ago.

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    This is so wrong it's right! XD

    Hoheh 6 years ago.

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    XD RHAPE!!!!

    Anonymous #2 6 years ago.

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    Anonymous #3 6 years ago.

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    but thats Carters job!

    Anonymous #4 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #20375

    then when he closes the door.... mom.....

    Anonymous #5 6 years ago.

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    noooooooooooooooooo hhahahah wronnnnnggggg

    Anonymous #6 5 years ago.

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    There are children present.

    ScrabMaster 4 years ago.

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    I forgot about this.

    Whoops, hopped onto another incest ship lmao

    -Quiet sobbing-

    Yaschiri 19 hours ago.

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    XD D: ;)

    abigblackdonut 40 minutes ago.

    Abbey, Augustus, Blur, Chirpy, Daisy, David, Dummy_(Artist), Jessica, Lily, Lucy, Mike, Paulo, Rachel, Sandy, Sue, Tess, Yashy

    Abbey Augustus Blur Chirpy Daisy David Dummy_(Artist) Jessica Lily Lucy Mike Paulo Rachel Sandy Sue Tess Yashy (843x1207, 748.4KB)

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    JK this is great!

    The_Mylestone 1 day ago.

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    Heard Taeshi screaming about this on stream so I had to come look and it's precious. Your style is lovely, lines and colouring and all ;; <3

    Zephyr 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71312

    hella nice and blessed by taeshi!

    capricious_cat 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71313

    I got drawn here by literal screams of joy from Taeshi on the stream and I was not disappointed. This is amazing! I can't stop looking at it! I love everyone's expressions and their poses and their coloring!

    PickYerPoison 1 day ago.

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    They're so cute! SO CUTE

    __noname__ 1 day ago.

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    It's the Dumminator striking again!

    Lucy's expression looks like she's about to say "Let's get on with it then?"

    Waldo 19 hours ago.

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    holy ****

    JayGamer 16 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71339

    It's too cute!!

    Nijutu 9 hours ago.

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    lmao i love how everyone is pointing out how much I lost it when I saw this on the stream

    THIS WAS SUCH AN INCREDIBLE SURPRISE AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND WOWWOWOWOWO ;___; You do so many lovely call-backs, seriously there’s always this warm.. feeling I get when I see your BCB drawings. Like you really understand a lot of the themes of the story and it makes me feel very very happy. I don’t know how to explain that without feeling a bit weird and spoilery, BUT I’M JUST SAYING


    The Mike and Lucy among the pets kAFHDKXGHDKGHDFG and Daisy and Paulo and David and aaaaaAAAA THAT JESSICA ;__; Studies Jessica forever

    Taeshi 6 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71357

    @taeshi ahhhh thank you so much taeshi ;;; your comment means so much to me and i'm really happy that you like it!!!!!
    i always feel like i draw everyone too anime or out of place so ahaha
    it;s me glad that i somehow moved you in some way (':

    @everyone thank you!

    drooldummy 1 hour ago.

    Baruc_(Artist), Daisy, Mike

    Baruc_(Artist) Daisy Mike (1158x1381, 278.4KB)

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    Cool drawing.

    SCD 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #71271

    Oh right. This is why you go to a gas station instead.

    yorkie_owo 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #71273

    W h a t

    Yaschiri 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #71274

    *COUGHItisprobablyapackofcondomsCOUGH* Oh I should see a doctor about that cough.

    Loving the style!

    Waldo 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #71297

    I was looking at this during class earlier and got in trouble for having to go outside the room because I laughing so hard at the "Just Do It"

    Felox 1 day ago.

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    thank you very much, I'm glad them like it so much, it is the first that I uploaded :D
    sorry if I was wrong to write :P :)

    Baruc 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71356

    @Waldo, I found you! Again!

    Shade 3 hours ago.

    David, DavidxSue, Sue, Zephyr_(Artist)

    David DavidxSue Sue Zephyr_(Artist) (545x379, 182.8KB)

    Comment ID #71329

    It sure is

    __noname__ 22 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71330

    I'm pretty sure David can get anyone he wants to fall in love with him with his silliness. It's charming in a way.
    So I wouldn't be surprised if Sue somehow ends up with him.

    Loving the art style!

    Waldo 19 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71335

    I love every god damn part of this
    Top ship ;)

    Physics 12 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71341


    I love the warm shading, it works so well on their colour schemes ;__;

    Taeshi 6 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71355

    @NoName - good, good... good. good good.

    @Waldo - that's probably true. i think i've always been fond of couples with like... the grumpy academics-focused girl and the determined goofy boy?? like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. shoujo is my guilty pleasure.

    @Physics - thank you! and gooood... gooooood.

    @Taeshi - thanks! <3

    Zephyr 5 hours ago.

    meme, Zephyr_(Artist)

    Zephyr_(Artist) meme (500x3754, 1.6MB)

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    Oh man this is great! Those giraffes are perfect, the sketches are awesome!

    __noname__ 1 day ago.

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    toreesucks 13 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71336

    Yes! You and I are on the same Auggie x Lucy Ship :D

    FluffyMoth 12 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71343

    oh my goodness the way you draw augustus is absolute perfection WHAT A WILD GUY


    Alejandro looks so sinister awkjdhsihfg AND YOU MADE HIS BANDANA MADE SENSE

    Lovin the giraffes, and the gradual progression, "IS THIS FURRY", as well as the maracas and the Theo and just THIS IS SO GOOD THANK YOSUFD DG

    The way you summarise some of the scenes are hilarious as well, like Lucy in Pillow Talk lmao, AND NNGGHHGH MELANIEEEE


    Taeshi 6 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71354

    @NoName - thank you so much! ;_;

    @Toreesucks - Toreewins?? Toreeisgreat?? thanks! ;;

    @FluffyMoth - excellent! >B)

    @Taeshi - aaah THANK YOU ;; he's honestly the most fun to draw so i will try to fill my Augustus quota with more art in the future (though it will never be filled because husbando)

    I LIKE TO THINK that bit by Pillow Talk is just inner monologue becoming actual monologue B) would have been a totally different chapter.

    IT WAS MY PLEASURE and i got all fuzzy inside when you spoke of it on stream so thank you very much?? hearing you guys giggle over my dumb jokes was rewarding enough uvu

    Zephyr 5 hours ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxLucy, Lucy, Zephyr_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy Zephyr_(Artist) (868x465, 204.7KB)

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    Yaschiri 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71309

    I've been following BCB for too long to not celebrate the 10th anniversary, though I'm sorry that it had to be this little paint brush doodle. If it's like super unacceptable and awful I'll take it down and colour it!

    Zephyr 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71337

    Not sure how you would color it, both the characters are already in color :P Love this btw!

    FluffyMoth 12 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71346

    Your brush strokes are so awesomeeeee, with the little bits of shading on Lucy and the tapering on her mouth ;___; Really awesome effects, AND CELEBRATING THE ANNIVERSARY WITH BEST SHIP

    Taeshi 6 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71353

    @FluffyMoth're right. B)

    @Taeshi I'm really glad you like them! I get so self-conscious about my lineart, especially using painting tools. ;; BUT YES TO BEST SHIP AND TEN YEARS thanks for 10 years Tae ;-;

    Zephyr 5 hours ago.

    human, JayGamer_(Artist), Mike

    JayGamer_(Artist) Mike human (1000x562, 121.5KB)

    Comment ID #71275

    i usually draw human mike with grey hair but look at that!
    he has brown hair!!
    1920x1080 in source

    JayGamer 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #71277


    Yet another great one, Jay. Keep it up!

    Waldo 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #71278

    oooooh!!!!! he's so cute!!!! <3333

    SirKnightAwesome 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #71281

    this is adorable aaaa

    TrappedLikeCats 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71288

    really nice Mike

    Physics 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71352


    I have a habit of always altering the BCB human versions into having.. natural hair. Like I imagine Jessica having more mousey wine-brown and rosey rather than plain purple. And Lucy is always turned into a blonde and Mike is turned into a dirty-blonde/brunette

    IT FITS SO WELL, he looks so adorable ;___; I love his hairstyle!!!

    Taeshi 6 hours ago.

    Daisy, excellent, fattyfrog_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Paulo

    Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo excellent fattyfrog_(Artist) (600x1200, 402.2KB)

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    Fattyfrog 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71282

    This is genious.

    Waldo 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71283

    You did a great job on it Fattyfrog.

    SCD 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71284

    love it

    EvilKitty3 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71286

    XD Oh boy!

    ZaneTheScottishFold 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71351

    The main four interacting casually is my drug

    This is such a pleasant surprise and they all look so lovely and that DAISY ON THE FIRST PANEL SDFKDHKGHFG she’s such a super cutie ;___; Paulo looks perfect hahahaha

    Taeshi 6 hours ago.

    Paulo, thekingofsmooth_(Artist)

    Paulo thekingofsmooth_(Artist) (600x800, 53.5KB)

    Comment ID #71285

    Better than my last one that is for sure XD, well TODAY BCB IS 10 YEARS OLD! And im just gonna leave my thanks to taeshi here. It is because of BCB that i am good enough to draw somethingl ike this, or that i even draw at all! Thank you taeshi, This comic ou made has inspired me to perserve and keep working towards my goal.

    thekingofsmooth 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71350

    Wahhhhhh you’re so so so sweet, I’m so happy that you felt inspired!!! ;___; YOU KEEP AT IT YEAH, this is so adorable!!! Love how jolly Paulo looks!!! aaa THANK YOU!!

    exclamation points!!!!

    Taeshi 6 hours ago.

    Augustus, excellent, not_used_(Artist)

    Augustus excellent not_used_(Artist) (1280x960, 263.8KB)

    Comment ID #71289

    That burnt phosphor at the bottom isn't from the electron gun. It's being torched by the nuclear fusion created by Augustus's hotness.

    not_used 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71290

    I like this, but what exactly am I looking at-

    Like is that some clunky *** old computer monitor and some black and white version of Apple paint or something???

    -Staring hard-

    Yaschiri 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71291

    That's pretty awesome, and as an Apple nerd I love it even more 8-)

    Troy 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71293

    It's displayed on the internal CRT pf the Macintosh SE/30 that I recapped almost a year ago, while inhaling the fumes of melted solder. The price of these things on ebay used to be $50 in 2007, boy how times have changed.
    I could have probably made the lines smoother if I had an optical mouse. I can usually draw/shade three times better with a mouse than a tablet, but it has to be optical.

    not_used 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71294

    hahahahah badass

    SuitCase 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71295

    Cool drawing, takes me back when I had the Macintosh II.

    SCD 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #71349


    THIS IS SO FREAKEN COOL, aaaaaa BCB drawings on different medias is intense and it is the BEST MEDIA OF ALL

    Lovin’ that annoyed Augustus ahahhaahhaha

    Taeshi 6 hours ago.

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