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    Daisy, Draw_Stream, Paulo, PauloxDaisy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy Draw_Stream Paulo PauloxDaisy Taeshi_(Artist) (800x1200, 445.7KB)

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    Paulo: Why are we outside during a rain storm?
    Daisy: I have no idea?

    SCD 5 days ago.

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    Cute moments

    LackLuster 2 days ago.

    fob_(Artist), Lucy, Mike

    Lucy Mike fob_(Artist) (1000x700, 338.2KB)

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    take a hint by victorious

    fob 4 days ago.

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    Ooh your expressions are so good. This is great

    juicebot 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88452

    This is a really neat style

    LackLuster 2 days ago.

    Abbey, Amaya, Augustus, AugustusxLucy, AugustusxSue, BCB_Art_Meme, Daisy, Lucy, Mike, Paulo, Silas_(Artist), Sue, SuexAmaya

    Abbey Amaya Augustus AugustusxLucy AugustusxSue BCB_Art_Meme Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo Silas_(Artist) Sue SuexAmaya (900x7847, 2.4MB)

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    first post, please be kind I'm soft. i will cry

    Q4: I am not fond of Mike and Daisy because they remind me of myself and I don't like that. (working on it)

    I don't like Abbey because he's a hypocrite, but that doesn't mean I like Paulo either; I don't really care for Paulo, he's a jerk. But Abbey is just a really rude and violent Whiteknight, he gets mad at Paulo for being a jerk, but he himself is a physically violent Soyboy. He treats Daisy like she's a fragile little piece of glass (the way I see it, at least).

    I can understand a bad temper, but realistically (even with experience with abuse) most people, even teenagers are smart enough to restrain themselves from using physical violence (usually).

    But Paulo deserved a bit of that for being a pest lmao

    tl;dr Abbey has a complex, Daisy also has a Complex, Mike is rude, Paulo is a fusspot

    Silas 4 days ago.

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    Tess 4 days ago.

    Comment ID #88451

    love love loooove answer 4's art!

    theoktony 3 days ago.

    Draw_Stream, Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy, PauloxRachel, Rachel, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy PauloxRachel Rachel Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 269.6KB)

    Comment ID #88439

    They're trying to make his brain explode.

    SCD 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88448

    'Rachel and Lucy talking dirty to Paulo who is trying, and failing, to look cool instead of flustered.'

    Phaeton 4 days ago.

    Daisy, David, Draw_Stream, Lucy, Mike, parody, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy David Draw_Stream Lucy Mike Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) parody (1200x800, 361.3KB)

    Comment ID #88433

    oh my god

    kenketsu 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88440

    After they hit him with nets, they started to him with shovels. Then after that, they covered him with tarantulas, scorpions and wasps.

    SCD 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88447

    They’re only trying to catch a Flea ;)

    Mouse 4 days ago.

    David, Draw_Stream, Lucy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    David Draw_Stream Lucy Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 198.8KB)

    Comment ID #88426

    Lucy receives one of those damn Bunny Day eggs from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    SuitCase 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88430

    David: You like my present?
    Lucy: You better start running...
    David: Huh?

    SCD 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88445


    MiaaaCS 4 days ago.

    Draw_Stream, Kitten, Paulo, PauloxSue, Sue, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Kitten Paulo PauloxSue Sue Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 336.8KB)

    Comment ID #88437

    Paulo & Sue: We love you too sweety! (they both hugged her)

    SCD 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88441

    I think this is the first time I've seen a "canon" kid that looked a little older! Very cute and very funny #^_^#

    howlingwolvesonfire 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88443

    Yeah, Lackluster requested she be a teenager in this!

    Taeshi 5 days ago.

    Draw_Stream, Paulo, PauloxRachel, Rachel, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Paulo PauloxRachel Rachel Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 326.3KB)

    Comment ID #88431

    They're laughing, because they bought every single toilet paper available in Roseville.

    SCD 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88442

    Aaaaah I love this, thanks again for taking my request at the very end :D

    Nijutu 5 days ago.

    Draw_Stream, Lucy, Mike, parody, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Lucy Mike Taeshi_(Artist) parody (800x1200, 331.7KB)

    Comment ID #88427


    SuitCase 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88428

    BCB has been redubbed as Mike+Lucy for an international release. Expect existential horror and surreal comedy (but mostly the latter).

    RomanP 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #88438

    They're definitely a baka couple.

    SCD 5 days ago.

    Draw_Stream, Lucy, parody, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Lucy Taeshi_(Artist) parody (1200x800, 344.0KB)

    Comment ID #88435

    Mike ignored the sign and had fun anyway to make her even more angry.

    SCD 5 days ago.

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