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    David, DavidxSue, HunkofBlue_(Artist), kittens, Sue

    David DavidxSue HunkofBlue_(Artist) Sue kittens (988x798, 189.6KB)

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    hahaha. this is so sweet!

    SuitCase 1 month ago.

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    oH MY GOD David’s expression is so great and I love their proportions so muchhhhh!!!! ;_____; They’re so cuuuute!!!!

    Taeshi 1 month ago.

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    Thank you guys! <3<3

    HunkofBlue 5 hours ago.

    Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy, tabbytrooper_(Artist), Traditional

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy Traditional tabbytrooper_(Artist) (1000x1333, 1.5MB)

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    oh how cute

    SuitCase 1 day ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxLucy, irie_(Artist), Lucy

    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy irie_(Artist) (2950x1796, 1.3MB)

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    i'll never stop drawing them

    irie 2 days ago.

    Lucy, parody, Powerofthree_(Artist)

    Lucy Powerofthree_(Artist) parody (599x1024, 222.4KB)

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    I had this idea since i read chapter 12. She is perfect for this representation because of her being the first character introduced, also she disapeared sudenly and pased the focus to other characters only to come back with more maturity and experience.

    Abbey, comic, Daisy, IronZelly_(Artist), Jasmine, Sue

    Abbey Daisy IronZelly_(Artist) Jasmine Sue comic (892x1595, 767.7KB)

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    I don't hate Abbey, I'm mostly concerned as to whether he needs to be checked for antisocial personality disorders at some point.

    Considering Abbey feels like he doesn't have an actual support system when he really does is a pretty telling sign for me of just how far he's willing to go to avoid taking responsibility for the trauma he's endured in his life. People can still love you even when they disagree with you, and while he's justified in disliking Paulo, his desire to be right about how bad he is feels like a form of self sabotage to isolate Abbey away from others and protect them and himself from what he perceives as harm. I'm very glad the new update came out though because Abbey still has some empathy to at least acknowledge that what Paulo experienced was traumatic and painful too once he got to learn his perspective.

    It might also serve as a wake up call that sometimes people aren't jerks to be jerks, but because they have unresolved trauma to deal with, like Abbey - and especially like Paulo. Granted, it's no excuse for both of them to not be held accountable for their actions, and since Abbey's used his position as a victim to separate himself from mending any resentment created between him and Paulo, I imagine one conversation won't be enough to have them become friends, at least not for several chapters.

    Certainly looking forward to that day though, and when he finds out about what Augustus did for Lucy? I might actually laugh, because if there's one thing Abbey needs, it's hope that even if he is like his dad, he and others can change. ;)

    IronZelly 3 days ago.

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    Most people anyway. *looks at Alejandro* :unsure:

    IronZelly 3 days ago.

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    Aaaaa your expressions are so good!!! I love how the conversations progress naturally through this, adding to one-another ;__; Really thoughtful!! Crying Abbey makes me so sad though lmao “that’s the nicest thing anyone ever said to me"

    Taeshi 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88665

    I hope they make an agreement in which they promise to respect each other, no teasing, no namecalling, no mistrust looks, mutual help when needed and the right to call out when they are being jerks to each other or to someone else.
    It's weird but i think they are beyond being mere classmates or acquaintances.
    Paulo already considers Abbey a "friend" and he is willing to change his ways like he did with Matt and Mike. It will be harder for Abbey because of his inmaturity (lets face it Paulo is more mature when it comes to forgiving and changing prespectives) but with Paulo as a catalyst he will be able to really grow up.

    Augustus, chamu_(Artist), Lucy

    Augustus Lucy chamu_(Artist) (662x663, 242.8KB)

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    I've been thinkin about this scene a lot

    chamu 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88664

    I always loved this scene hahahahakdhskfjhdgf THIS IS GREAT!!!!! Love the bits of pink sprinkled around their face ;__; Makes them look so soft

    Taeshi 3 days ago.

    irie_(Artist), Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy irie_(Artist) (2048x2048, 2.1MB)

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    not the bayang

    irie 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88660

    "Make yourself gentle with floating bangs"

    Comment ID #88662

    AHHHHH THIS IS SO CUTE AWKDHSKFHDGKHDL I LOVE THIS!!!!! Paulo’s smile is so sweet ;_____;

    Taeshi 3 days ago.

    Abbey, Deecomposer_(Artist), parody, Paulo

    Abbey Deecomposer_(Artist) Paulo parody (693x366, 50.2KB)

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    paulos having this breakdown in current pages and abbeys just like "i just think the way u treat women is cringe"

    Deecomposer 3 days ago.

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    SuitCase 3 days ago.

    Paulo, tabbytrooper_(Artist)

    Paulo tabbytrooper_(Artist) (577x595, 360.0KB)

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    ugh im already noticing mistakes here >:|

    tabbytrooper 1 week ago.

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    Yate-kun25 6 days ago.

    Daisy, parody, Powerofthree_(Artist)

    Daisy Powerofthree_(Artist) parody (862x1275, 199.1KB)

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    Daisy as Jin Keisuke :(

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