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    Daisy, Draw_Stream, human, Lucy, Mike, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy Draw_Stream Lucy Mike Taeshi_(Artist) human (1200x800, 680.6KB)

    Comment ID #88286

    Mike: Suffering and pain, waits for you... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    SCD 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88303

    Should be reversed imo; Mike's the one who's been whining at Lucy xD

    Sambo 12 hours ago.

    Lily_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, MikexLucy

    Lily_(Artist) Lucy Mike MikexLucy (777x1152, 266.6KB)

    Comment ID #88281

    happy birthday vero-channnn

    LilyH 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88294

    Great drawing, Lily.
    Happy birthday, Taeshi!

    SCD 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88295

    thank you

    BillyJoe 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #88300


    If only there was someone who loved you.

    MaronaPossessed 2 days ago.

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    AGENT08 1 day ago.

    Daisy, Draw_Stream, Paulo, PauloxDaisy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy Draw_Stream Paulo PauloxDaisy Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 681.9KB)

    Comment ID #88293

    Paulo: This sweater is really itchy!
    Daisy: Good!
    Paulo: 0_0

    SCD 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88301

    Perfect, thank you!

    AshuraAtsu 2 days ago.

    David, Paulo, Raku_(Artist)

    David Paulo Raku_(Artist) (3915x3618, 6.7MB)

    Comment ID #88265

    im back 3 years later with a redraw of >>12170 still drawing with my trackpad

    Raku 1 week ago.

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    comfit 1 week ago.

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    slowivy 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #88268

    DAVID IS SO PRETTY i'm in LOVE....

    kit 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #88299

    David is so beautiful omg

    Shiraru 2 days ago.

    Amaya, Draw_Stream, Mike, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Amaya Draw_Stream Mike Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 618.3KB)

    Comment ID #88277

    Mike tries to impress Amaya with the rad skater clothes of “It’s All in the Mind”.

    SuitCase 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88289

    Sonic: Hey, give me back my favorite clothes!
    Mike: NEVER!!

    SCD 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88298


    leporibae 2 days ago.

    Draw_Stream, Lucy, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Lucy Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 630.8KB)

    Comment ID #88292

    Then the Shiny Pidgey got away, Lucy laughed, Paulo cried and Toby barked at him.

    SCD 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88297

    this is a direct attack @ me

    Byrd 2 days ago.

    David, Draw_Stream, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    David Draw_Stream Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 129.4KB)

    Comment ID #88131

    Paulo and David shenanigans

    SuitCase 2 months ago.

    Comment ID #88138

    Tonight on Roseville news, two juvenile delinquents were arrested for causing a major accident where multiple people were seriously injured by stealing a stop sign and a cone.

    SCD 2 months ago.

    Comment ID #88172

    ohhh my god this makes me DESPERATELY want to draw them as the unstoppable force meets immovable object meme....the one where one dude has a tuba(?) over his head and the other has a huge traffic cone I think and they both look about ready to duke it out? wig

    leporibae 2 months ago.

    Comment ID #88296

    I knew a guy who knew a guy who did it irl

    RomanP 2 days ago.

    Augustus, Draw_Stream, parody, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Augustus Draw_Stream Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) parody (1200x800, 837.8KB)

    Comment ID #88275

    Augustus as Waver and Lucy as Gray from the Case Files of Lord El-Melloi.

    SuitCase 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88291

    While he was sleeping, she cut off all of his hair.

    SCD 3 days ago.

    Draw_Stream, Lucy, Mike, MikexLucy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Lucy Mike MikexLucy Taeshi_(Artist) (800x1200, 635.8KB)

    Comment ID #88290

    He's taking her to the volcano, to be sacrifice to the dark lord of the twin moons.

    SCD 3 days ago.

    Cassidy, Draw_Stream, Mina, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Cassidy Draw_Stream Mina Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 626.6KB)

    Comment ID #88280

    Mina and Cassidy as tough Sukeban girls, ready to teach this little pansy a lesson.

    SuitCase 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #88288

    They're going to punish him for cheating on Jasmine.

    SCD 3 days ago.

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