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    CR_(Artist), Rachel

    CR_(Artist) Rachel (400x1044, 326.6KB)

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    lookit what i found from the times of the second volume...

    ps also, that's kind of dark magic or smth, but some of my pics simply cannot get uploaded. The same ones, I mean. Different image sizes, formats, chrome and firefox, different ips... I'd blame my internet provider (which i tried with 2 different connections/bundles) but i cannot see any reason there. So it's gotta be sorcery.
    If anyone would like to upload them properly, i'd be greatful

    CR 11 minutes ago.

    Abbey, Daisy, JEMCIV_(Artist), kittens, Lucy, parody, PauloxLucy, Sandy, sketch

    Abbey Daisy JEMCIV_(Artist) Lucy PauloxLucy Sandy kittens parody sketch (1000x1633, 533.9KB)

    Comment ID #73439

    Lucy looks dam fine :love: :love:

    PepeLePew 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #73445

    Damn Lucy.
    Getting back problems?

    Waldo 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #73503

    Is that a Team Four Star reference?! NEERRRRD

    Daffyhat 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #73511

    Thank y0u f0r th3 b3auty y0u hav3 s3rv3d m3 0n this g01d3n p1att3r.

    KarkatLover 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #73520

    So that means Paulo is Goku and Abbey doesn't have a p****?

    AT 10 hours ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxDaisy, Daisy, Kit_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxDaisy Daisy Kit_(Artist) (1024x1024, 377.9KB)

    Comment ID #73518

    this was kind of vent art, but HMM i have a feeling daisy might start hanging around auggy more as her mood slowly declines.............

    kit 21 hours ago.

    Comment ID #73519

    I love your style! And I totally hope so--besides the fact that I hardcore ship it, I think their interactions were so interesting ;)

    Hipster 16 hours ago.

    Lucy, noodlecat_(Artist)

    Lucy noodlecat_(Artist) (764x715, 30.0KB)

    Comment ID #73515

    Candy kitty! With sprinkles!

    CR 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #73516

    Ahh so cute..The sprinkles doe :love: XD :)

    faune 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #73517

    That's actuallt an incredibly cute idea omg.

    Yaschiri 1 day ago.

    Arcedeer_(Artist), Lucy

    Arcedeer_(Artist) Lucy (1280x720, 528.9KB)

    Comment ID #73509

    Oh, this looks pretty neat! Nice style

    Waldo 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #73512

    Cool shading and setting :)

    faune 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #73514

    i love the atmosphere TT_TT

    kit 2 days ago.

    Daisy, Karkatlover_(Artist)

    Daisy Karkatlover_(Artist) (295x305, 154.5KB)

    Comment ID #73513

    Cute, i love her stylish cheek tufts ;)

    faune 2 days ago.

    Paulo, PauloxRachel, Rachel, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Paulo PauloxRachel Rachel Taeshi_(Artist) (1199x794, 237.4KB)

    Comment ID #73425

    Request was "Paulo and Rachel wearing sunglasses."

    NevynRavenoak 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73441

    Adorable! :love:

    RockerGirl77712 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #73510

    I L0V3 THIS! IT IS S0000 CUT3! :D

    KarkatLover 3 days ago.

    AbbeyxDaisy, AugustusxLucy, CWatts_(Artist), DavidxRachel, kittens

    AbbeyxDaisy AugustusxLucy CWatts_(Artist) DavidxRachel kittens (796x715, 57.4KB)

    Comment ID #73508

    I... have a kitten problem

    CWatts 5 days ago.

    Amaya, Daisy, Jasmine, Lucy, redo, Sandy, Sue, visiface_(Artist)

    Amaya Daisy Jasmine Lucy Sandy Sue redo visiface_(Artist) (705x1764, 638.3KB)

    Comment ID #73494

    literally 5 years later.

    visiface 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #73495

    Sandy look gorgeous !

    cabalmaster 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #73498

    Oh my God, they're all so adorable! You're really doing something great with showing emotions through the eyes and speaking about their eyes... they're gorgeous!

    Their outfits are also super cute (I especially like Sue's design, ugh, she's just #^_^#), and your style is really neat!

    Strawberryblossom 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #73502

    Daisy and Amaya with freckles, so cute!

    Waldo 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #73506


    love love love sandy and lucys look!!

    jiwinu 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #73507

    dat lucy tho

    theoktony 5 days ago.

    fancharacter, McCain, The_Mylestone_(Artist)

    McCain The_Mylestone_(Artist) fancharacter (800x700, 88.4KB)

    Comment ID #73380

    RIP Never forgetti.

    The_Mylestone 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73396

    :love: :love: :love:

    PepeLePew 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73401

    1 fav = 1 prayer ;_;

    abigblackdonut 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73436

    Rest in ****, forever missed.

    (Great work, by the way!)

    Fr3nDlYf0e1 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73505

    RIP, one of the best characters.

    Many_Maru 5 days ago.

    1 2 3 ... 911