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This is Candybooru, a user-contributed Bittersweet Candy Bowl fan art gallery. You can search for tagged artists or characters (e.g. Taeshi and Paulo), comment on pictures, or upload your own. Sign up for a Candybooru account and get involved!


    Madison skylerveach_(Artist) (450x649, 25.5KB)
    Daisy Paulo PauloxDaisy splotch_(Artist) (746x2989, 710.5KB)
    Civvi_(Artist) Lucy (4032x3024, 1.6MB)
    Lucy splotch_(Artist) (367x518, 9.9KB)
    Daisy Kit_(Artist) Lucy Paulo PauloxDaisy excellent (845x1200, 1.4MB)
    Daisy Kit_(Artist) Paulo PauloxDaisy (1122x1200, 1.1MB)
    MikexJordan Yaschiri_(Artist) kittens (688x1301, 249.3KB)
    AlejandroxRoger LucyxDaisy MattxDavid MikexJordan PauloxAugustus SuexAmaya garb_(Artist) kittens (986x1468, 419.6KB)
    Byrd_(Artist) Madison (2160x1440, 584.1KB)
    Daisy Paulo PauloxDaisy esinololly_(Artist) (1000x889, 579.8KB)
    Madison doodlekris_(Artist) (1024x768, 39.1KB)
    Daisy Paulo The_Mylestone_(Artist) (1000x900, 286.5KB)
    JEMCIV_(Artist) LucyxDaisy Madison MikexPaulo sketch (1707x959, 138.5KB)
    Daisy KariKarr_(Artist) (1342x1809, 300.6KB)
    Daisy Paulo PauloxDaisy Yaschiri_(Artist) (685x1072, 290.3KB)
    Lucy Tinnathebobcat_(Artist) (960x720, 20.3KB)
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