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This is Candybooru, a user-contributed Bittersweet Candy Bowl fan art gallery. You can search for tagged artists or characters (e.g. Taeshi and Paulo), comment on pictures, or upload your own. Sign up for a Candybooru account and get involved!


    Arcedeer_(Artist) Lucy (1280x720, 528.9KB)
    AbbeyxDaisy AugustusxLucy CWatts_(Artist) DavidxRachel kittens (796x715, 57.4KB)
    Amaya Daisy Jasmine Lucy Sandy Sue redo visiface_(Artist) (705x1764, 638.3KB)
    Draw_Stream Giga_Pudding (948x533, 699.6KB)
    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy MigBird_(Artist) (1600x756, 623.4KB)
    Abbey Amaya CR_(Artist) David Paulo (800x778, 1.5MB)
    CR_(Artist) Daisy Jessica Mike Rachel (800x800, 1.6MB)
    David DavidxPaulo DavidxSue Paulo Sue ungdung_(Artist) (1054x1323, 213.8KB)
    JayGamer_(Artist) Mike MikexSandy Sandy animated (800x900, 257.6KB)
    Abbey Charlotte Daisy Paulo (738x549, 78.2KB)
    Augustus Daisy coulro_(Artist) (963x729, 137.3KB)
    Abbey Daisy JEMCIV_(Artist) Lucy PauloxLucy Sandy kittens parody sketch (1000x1633, 533.9KB)
    NevynRavenoak_(Artist) Sandy (966x1200, 138.9KB)
    CR_(Artist) Lucy (700x822, 326.5KB)
    Paulo PauloxRachel Rachel Taeshi_(Artist) (1199x794, 237.4KB)
    Abbey AbbeyxPaulo BCB_Art_Meme Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo PauloxLucy Sandy sherbery_(Artist) (720x5406, 1.6MB)
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