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This is Candybooru, a user-contributed Bittersweet Candy Bowl fan art gallery. You can search for tagged artists or characters (e.g. Taeshi and Paulo), comment on pictures, or upload your own. Sign up for a Candybooru account and get involved!


    Lucy Taeshi comic edit parody (700x2021, 1.4MB)
    Daisy Speyerboot_(Artist) (1000x1200, 264.6KB)
    David Speyerboot_(Artist) (499x618, 16.3KB)
    Daisy Speyerboot_(Artist) (499x618, 13.4KB)
    ArtisticKitten_(Artist) Sandy animated (500x500, 15.9KB)
    Gilshaelos_(Artist) Lucy (512x512, 170.5KB)
    Daisy Gilshaelos_(Artist) Lucy LucyxDaisy (512x512, 167.2KB)
    Mike MikexSandy Sandy leporibae_(Artist) (902x841, 345.2KB)
    Mike MikexSandy Sandy Selef_(Artist) (1076x1508, 270.1KB)
    Kit_(Artist) Mike Paulo parody (1224x1309, 742.9KB)
    Augustus Daisy Jessica Kit_(Artist) Lucy LucyxDaisy Rachel Sandy (1224x1309, 829.8KB)
    Abbey Augustus Daisy David InvisibleColoration_(Artist) Jessica Lucy Madison Mike Paulo Rachel Sandy Sue excellent (800x1000, 580.4KB)
    Daisy David Lucy Mike Paulo jpark17_(Artist) (1470x896, 1.1MB)
    Abbey Paulo Paulo28_(Artist) (1109x1721, 1.3MB)
    Hair_Lucy Lucy PeachyPrince_(Artist) (800x1633, 1.0MB)
    HandSwords_(Artist) Lucy Mike Sandy (782x518, 131.8KB)
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