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    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy (800x600, 106.5KB)
    James Paulo edit (1363x452, 933.5KB)
    Daisy Lucy nan0blaze_(Artist) (1700x1700, 681.9KB)
    Augustus Daisy Lucy marrow_(Artist) sketch (999x844, 169.6KB)
    Lucy ScaleKnight194_(Artist) (800x1200, 103.9KB)
    Daisy (1748x1830, 1.4MB)
    Lemoncatfox_(Artist) Rachel (1280x1280, 120.8KB)
    Humans Lucy Mike MikexLucy agentchimendez_(Artist) human (1500x1200, 659.2KB)
    Mike MikexPaulo Paulo Roseville_Wallflower_(Artist) (1130x1382, 645.7KB)
    Daisy Draw_Stream Lucy Sandy Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 703.5KB)
    David Draw_Stream Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) parody (1200x800, 699.0KB)
    Draw_Stream Kitten Lucy Lucy's_mother Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 761.3KB)
    Draw_Stream Lucy Taeshi_(Artist) parody (800x1200, 729.0KB)
    Daisy Draw_Stream James Paulo PauloxDaisy Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 622.7KB)
    AnonFelis_(Artist) David DavidxPaulo Paulo (1617x1048, 77.4KB)
    AnonFelis_(Artist) Daisy David Mike Paulo Tess (1450x1050, 58.8KB)
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