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Bittersweet Club International is the exclusive club for Bittersweet Candy Bowl’s best supporters. Your annual membership opens a world of possibility and represents an immeasurable contribution towards continued publication of the comic.

Through the course of a one year membership, Club members can expect to enjoy:

  • Surprise gifts delivered three times a year
  • Access to 44 side-story comics in the private Members’ Library
  • Recognition as a Club member in Candybooru
  • Premium ad-free access to the Bittersweet Candy Bowl website
  • The prestige and preferential treatment exclusively afforded to Bittersweet Club International members the world over.

Read on to discover the full benefits.

Access to the Members’ Library

Established in 2011, our collection of member-exclusive bonus comics has grown to feature 44 chapters. With over 510 pages of unique side stories to read, it’s like getting three years of comic updates in advance!

Baby Blues

Posted 10/13/14, 8 pages
A clipping from Baby Blues

Young Daisy has a pregnancy scare. Mike’s gonna be a father!

Fork in the Road

Posted 4/23/16, 29 pages
A clipping from Fork in the Road

A three-part tragedy. Mike reunites with Lucy for a night of passion, but there’s a storm coming.

Another Boyfriend

Posted 7/17/15, 8 pages
A clipping from Another Boyfriend

In the not too distant future, Mike and Lucy are going behind Paulo’s back. How’s he gonna take it?

Dinner Time

Posted 9/16/11, 19 pages
A clipping from Dinner Time

Squabbling over the kitchen table, we see a glimpse of Lucy’s home life.

Midnight Visitor

Posted 2/12/14, 8 pages
A clipping from Midnight Visitor

Lucy is rudely woken in the middle of the night by a needy Mike. Splat.

First Dance

Posted 1/18/13, 8 pages
A clipping from First Dance

Paulo and Daisy hatch a plan. Hey, it’s just like that episode of The Simpsons!

Candied Bacon

Posted 10/9/17, 12 pages
A clipping from Candied Bacon

The school’s going hog wild for Jessica’s treats at the bake sale! Can Daisy save these pigs from the slaughter?

Accidents Will Happen

Posted 7/7/12, 18 pages
A clipping from Accidents Will Happen

A one-night stand with Augustus has bigger consequences than Daisy ever expected.

Mostly Harmless

Posted 10/15/12, 8 pages
A clipping from Mostly Harmless

Some hypothetical kittens have fun catching bugs. The next generation of shipping.

Magical Girl Redux

Posted 10/15/16, 17 pages
A clipping from Magical Girl Redux

A retold fragment of the pre-BCB Magical Girl Lucy story back when Veronica was an anime.

Out of Ideas

Posted 6/22/18, 11 pages
A clipping from Out of Ideas

Molly is tasked with making a great BCI for you all.

Another December

Posted 3/16/15, 11 pages
A clipping from Another December

What if Lucy came to Paulo after the events of “December”? Part of the Another Path storyline.

Blood Lust

Posted 6/25/17, 12 pages
A clipping from Blood Lust

So, uh, Mike is a vampire. It is literally about that.

Another Trip

Posted 2/2/15, 16 pages
A clipping from Another Trip

What if Lucy followed Augustus home to the wrong side of the tracks? It’d be a little awkward, that’s for sure.

Photo Day

Posted 2/4/19, 9 pages
A clipping from Photo Day

Daisy wakes up with the worst look imaginable.

Play Date

Posted 4/23/17, 11 pages
A clipping from Play Date

What if Augustus was a little younger and grew up alongside Lucy?

Christmas Dinner

Posted 9/20/13, 8 pages
A clipping from Christmas Dinner

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is these two cats under the mistletoe. Part of the Another Path storyline.

Disaster Dominoes

Posted 1/24/11, 33 pages
A clipping from Disaster Dominoes

Five years later and it’s still the most awful thing. Everything has gone wrong in Roseville.

Merry Christmas, Roseville!

Posted 11/18/19, 12 pages
A clipping from Merry Christmas, Roseville!

With his guardian angel’s guidance, Mike witnesses just how wonderful life in Roseville would be without him.

Ice Breaker

Posted 9/23/19, 10 pages
A clipping from Ice Breaker

Sue gives Paulo some much-needed lessons in conversational etiquette.

Sob Story

Posted 12/17/17, 13 pages
A clipping from Sob Story

Sue needs an interview subject. Augustus obliges when Paulo doesn’t.

Augustus, You Jerk #2

Posted 7/1/16, 6 pages
A clipping from Augustus, You Jerk #2

Augustus doing what he does best. Boom, roasted!

Magic Tricks

Posted 1/1/11, 22 pages
A clipping from Magic Tricks

When David’s dark wizardry causes accidental body swaps, discoveries are made, photos are taken and, uh.

Store Credit

Posted 5/12/14, 8 pages
A clipping from Store Credit

It’s Haley’s birthday, and Paulo takes Mike out to go gift shopping. Sparks fly!

Love Letters

Posted 4/23/16, 15 pages
A clipping from Love Letters

Madison’s got a little crush. Not that you’d ever figure her feelings out.

Another Chance

Posted 3/2/11, 28 pages
A clipping from Another Chance

What if Abbey never interrupted Augustus’ forced kiss?

Drag your way through a selection of the chapters available to read. We typically add three or four chapters to the Library every year.

Want a full sample? We invite you to read these three complete chapters from the Library:

“Blind Date”

A preview from Blind Date, a BCI comic

Full 11-page comic

“Grave Concern”

A preview from Grave Concern, a BCI comic

Full 21-page comic

“Everyday Life”

A preview from Everyday Life, a BCI comic

Full 25-page comic

Enjoy access to these chapters and dozens more in the Members’ Library for the duration of your Club membership. Hours of reading material, often updated.

Exclusive gifts

Be surprised and delighted by unexpected gifts in your mailbox. Three times a year, we will provide special items never to be sold in the store — our way of thanking you for your loyalty. Your first item (a Jasmine keychain charm) will be provided with your welcome letter.

The Bittersweet Club International card

Some have said a glimpse of its lustrous shine grants the cardholder access to the upper echelons of high society, sways business associates, and waives speeding fines. After signing up, you will be issued the Bittersweet Club International Card, your key to the private members’ section and a symbol of your personal prestige.


Club members are able to use their credentials to disable ads site-wide, providing a cleaner website and comic archive experience. You will also notice improvements to navigation features obscured by ads, unavailable without your membership credentials.

Preferential treatment

Bittersweet Club International bestows prestige on its select ranks. After signing up, you may reserve a name to use in comments on Candybooru. This reserved name will be designated as a valued supporter of the comic with a gold BCI symbol.

Patronage of the arts

Club membership does not come without its rewards, but one shouldn’t forget its core purpose: signing up for a membership directly supports Bittersweet Candy Bowl’s publication.

With a hectic update schedule and multiple offshoots, BCB is a full-time job for Veronica and Oliver. By making a generous contribution, Club members will receive more than the benefits listed above — they will ensure the continued publication of the series for everyone to enjoy.

Yes, I’d like to join Bittersweet Club International! I’m eager to receive instant access to over 510 pages of member-only comics, ad-free browsing, special recognition on the site and 3 member-exclusive gifts for a one-time payment of $45. I understand that worldwide shipping is free.

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