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Bittersweet Club International

Bittersweet Club International is the exclusive club for Bittersweet Candy Bowl’s greatest supporters. An annual membership opens a world of possibility while providing immeasurable help in the continued publication of the comic.

Throughout the course of a one year membership, Club members can expect to enjoy:

  • Special gifts, delivered three times a year
  • Exclusive access to side-story comics in a private members’ section
  • Access to regular lotteries in our monthly drawing streams
  • Recognition as a Club member in Candybooru
  • Premium ad-free access to the Bittersweet Candy Bowl website
  • The prestige and preferential treatment exclusively afforded to Bittersweet Club International members the world over.

Read on to discover the full benefits.

Exclusive content

Your Bittersweet Club International membership gives you unlimited access to the members-only comic library:

Clippings from exclusive BCI chapters
Disaster Dominoes
(9-page sample) Almost every student in Roseville High loses their mind in this catastrophic and terrifying tale.
Dinner Time
(10-page sample) Take a rare look at Lucy’s home life. Jordan isn’t always the kindest brother.
Another Chance
(2-page sample) True intentions are revealed in this dramatic alternate ending to Love My Way.
and more …
260+ more pages of exclusive comics in the library!

Exclusive gifts

Select Club member gifts

Be surprised and delighted with unexpected gifts waiting in your mailbox. Three times a year, we will provide items never to be sold in the store — our way of thanking you for your loyalty. Your first item (a Jasmine keychain charm) will be provided with your welcome letter.

The Bittersweet Gold Card

Some have said a glimpse of its gold lustre grants the cardholder access to the upper echelons of high society, sways business associates, and waives speeding fines. Such prestige and power may seem out of reach to you. But to members of Bittersweet Club International, nothing is impossible. After signing up, you will be issued the Bittersweet Gold Card, your key to the private members’ section and a symbol of your illustrious status as a Bittersweet Club International member.


Club members will be able to use their credentials to disable ads site-wide, providing a cleaner experience of the website and its comic archive. Club members will notice improvements to navigation features obscured by ads that are unavailable without proper credentials.

Bespoke artwork

As a new benefit for members, access is provided to monthly drawing streams run in support of the Bittersweet Candy Bowl Patreon campaign. As a thank you for providing support through the Club, members may enter all regular drawing lotteries during each stream for a chance at their own personalized drawing request.

Preferential treatment

Bittersweet Club International bestows prestige on the select ranks of its members. As another premier feature of the Bittersweet Club International program, members may reserve a name to use in comments on Candybooru. This reserved name will be designated as a valued supporter of the comic with a gold BCI symbol.

Patronage of the arts

Club membership does not come without its rewards, but one shouldn’t forget its essential purpose: signing up directly supports Bittersweet Candy Bowl’s publication. With a hectic update schedule and multiple offshoots, BCB has become a full-time job for Veronica and Oliver. By going the extra mile and making a generous contribution, Club members will receive more than the benefits listed above — they’ll be ensuring the continued publication of the series for everyone to enjoy.

Yes, I’d like to join Bittersweet Club International! I’m eager to receive instant access to 260+ pages of member-only comics, ad-free browsing, special recognition on the site and and 3 member-exclusive gifts for a one-time payment of $39. I understand that worldwide shipping is free.

Sign me up for an annual membership and . . .

  • I will look forward to two further gifts within my membership year.
  • I would prefer an electronic subscription with all the digital benefits but no welcome letter or gifts.

Renewing your membership?

Hey, thanks! To renew, simply purchase a new annual subscription with the links above. We will automatically add another year to your subscription.

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