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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Everyday Life.”

Intermission, page 3. Posted 7/21/17.

Welcome to Bittersweet Candy Bowl, a comic about love, cats and high school drama.

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Everyday Life — Page 3

Author commentary

Veronica: an everyday life of MISERY!!!

TODAY IS SOUPPY’S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday, Souppy!! Please give him many wonderful wishes and positive messages because he’s amazing and I love him and he’s a hard worker and he’s the best AND I LOVE HIM!!! If you love Souppy too you should tell him!! He’s done so much for BCB and the community and deserves all the love he can get, especially on this special day!! It’s not too late to send him a message or draw some PauloxDaisy/MikexLucy/Madison-being-angry and put it on Candybooru!! If you wanna tip him a birthday gift on Square Cash or the BCB Store so he can get HIPSTER COFFEE AND OOLONG TEA that’s cool too, DO ANY NICE THINGS FOR A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY BOY. He is the apple of my eye and I love him!!!!!!

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A new chat, our last con of the year, and.. blood

Did you ever wonder whose blood Mike would be most interested in if he were a vampire? No? You mean to say that’s not a question that has crossed your mind at any point in your life? Huh, weird. WELL NOW THERE’S A MEMBER-ONLY COMIC ABOUT IT:

A clipping from the new comic, Blood Lust.

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Anime Expo July 1-4 2017, Los Angeles Convention Center

This year has been an a quiet one for cons, but we’re about to make our biggest appearance ever at Anime Expo! It’s almost upon us. We’ll be exhibiting from July 1–4 over in the Los Angeles Convention Center and we sure hope you can come see us! We’ll bring all our cool stuff.

We’ve got a nice big set of two tables in the Artist Alley. Look for table L33, on the outer aisle of Kentia Hall!

A map to the artists alley at AX 2017.

That’s all for this update! Hope to see you soon! :D

— Veronica and Oliver

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