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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Popularity Contest.”

Chapter 109, page 2 of 14. Posted 11/16/20.

Welcome to Bittersweet Candy Bowl, a comic about love, cats and high school drama.

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Popularity Contest — Page 2

Author commentary

Veronica: at least abbey and mike accept that they are not worth knowing LMAO

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One Week To Go

November 16, 2020

A reminder:

Next Monday at update time, we will not be posting our usual comic update.

Veronica and I have been working on something. It’s for all our beloved readers. It’s for all of you who patiently stuck it out at one day a week. It’s for fans who wanted to read more. It’s for us! It’s for everyone.

And it will be ready next week!

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Not long now! Sandy love eyes emoticon

— Oliver

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