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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Ships Ahoy.”

Intermission, page 1. Posted 10/24/16.

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  • Welcome to Bittersweet Candy Bowl, a comic about love, cats and high school drama.

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    Ships Ahoy — Page 1

    Author commentary

    Oliver: Instead of a regular update today, here are three strips from our new, newsletter-exclusive series “Ships Ahoy”!

    Basically, we are sending out a weekly newsletter to keep readers up to date on the story (and boy is there a lot of story coming) as well as inform you about new things we’re announcing AND as a venue to share these silly shippy comics! Veronica and I are going to work hard on it. So please sign up, either right below the comic on the homepage or at this link here!

    We planned to start the next chapter this Wednesday (for numerous secret reasons!) but as the last few pages of “Model Girlfriend” were posted, we realised today had to be the day for an intermission!

    Stay tuned, a big new chapter begins Wednesday.

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    “Magical Girl Redux”, the new book lineup and our last con of the year!

    SO FIRST UP: Lucy met Mike! We thank you guys so much for helping us reach our book sales goal after the successful launch of Volume Four! We will leave the banner up a little while in celebration.

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    Magical Girl

    NEXT! In the early days before BCB was “BCB”, Veronica used her characters for a variety of ideas. One of them was a heavy-handed magical girl story lovingly filled with anime tropes. As our final member-exclusive comic for 2016, “Magical Girl Redux” is a 17-page retelling of a super-dramatic moment in that story! (Did you know Paulo was kinda evil, and wants to use his magic powers to kill?)

    Clippings from Magical Girl Redux

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    Draw stream stuff

    Sandy and baby Mike

    FINALLY — thanks for everyone who came to see us this weekend - as always, the drawings have been posted to Candybooru!

    The next stream in support of our Patreon campaign will be December 2, right before Vero’s birthday!! We hope to see you there!

    — Oliver

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