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“It’s All in the Mind.”

Chapter 103, page 8. Posted 6/20/18.

It’s All in the Mind — Page 8

Author commentary

Veronica: The seventh panel keeps making me think of that Shinji/Asuka scene where they’re sitting in front of a red lake or whatever happens in that well-known Evangelion movie poster.

She’s so sad ;___;

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Sakura-Con, Ships Ahoy, San Japan and… sssDiscord

March 19, 2018

When we started rolling out our Weekly Roundup email, a three-panel comic shipping various romantic pairings seemed like an obvious fit. But did you know they began as an idea for our supporter/membership thing, Bittersweet Club International?

David loves Lucy

Well, today they find their way home. The latest addition to the mountain of member-exclusive comics is the first “season” of Ships Ahoy, the nineteen strips that started it all!! We think it’s a nice treat for any members who missed them in the early emails.

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A clipping from the Play Date comic.

The other big mid-March news is… we’re soon heading to Seattle for Sakura-Con!! It begins Friday, March 30 and continues over Easter weekend!

Sakura-Con 2018

Come bring us your best authentic Starbucks coffees and Amazon shipping boxes. We love Sakura-Con! It’s been a while! Come back and say hello!!

And if you can’t?? Well, see us in LA this July 5, or, for the first time, BCB IS SAYING “HOWDY” TO TEXAS!! That’s San Japan in San Antonio, August 31–September 2!! All customers must wear ten-gallon hats and call us varmints.

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— Oliver

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