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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Love Again.”

Chapter 95, page 51. Posted 2/22/17.

We will be streaming live today! Come back at 1 PM EST (that’s ) and join us for a weekend-long draw stream.

Join us in the chat, get a chance at free drawing requests and see whatever else we have planned! Read about how it works on the BCB Patreon page!

Love Again — Page 51

Author commentary

Oliver: Guess what happens when you have a stream on Friday and a two-page intermission in the pipeline?! Nothing fits in the right days and so Veronica writes an original BUY MY BOOK Volume Five Kickstarter promo comic!

We hope it’s alright with you — Daisy’s gonna be so cute! We’ll be back THIS FRIDAY with a weekend-long drawing stream, during which we’ll show off Volume Five, a page from chapter 96 and, if all goes well, some of the acrylic charms and the Daisy plush prototype!! Go back that Kickstarter!


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Announcing the Volume Five Kickstarter!

New year, new book! Bittersweet Candy Bowl: Volume Five (and lots of extras!) is now on Kickstarter. And we’ve got great things for everyone — whether you have our earlier volumes or not, check out what’s on offer! (And our goofy campaign video, naturally!!)

Volume Five is all about what the gang does once Lucy’s out of the picture:

Details about Volume Five.

We spent much of January making all those bonus comic pages, so don’t miss ‘em!

But because we know we’re getting up there in the volume numbers, we’re also offering a new reward perk: “Complete Your Collection”.

For a little extra, we’re letting you pick any of the BCB books you’re missing, so your collection can be gorgeous and complete!

The “Complete Your Collection” rewards start at $69, for up to 1,400 pages, filled with years of bonus stuff you’ve never read. It’s a crazy price point, but we want everybody to help us make this book happen!

PLUS! PLUS! We’ve got extras:

All the cool extras.

Lots of nice things! So please, chip in and help us continue to make the printed collection of BCB books happen! Our campaign runs for 28 days, and we’ll be posting lots of good stuff in the backer updates.


UPDATE, FEB 20: The campaign has been a rousing success, so we’ve had to scramble to come up with stretchgoals way earlier than we intended! There’s a big one, and lots of little ones:

The Daisy plush.

We’re making a Daisy plush! Available as an add-on to every pledge, this design will match the existing trio and and complete the set of main characters we always hoped to put together but couldn’t back in 2015!

The Rachel acrylic charm mockup.

We’re making very special acrylic charms, double-layered and color-coordinated with the strap! Also available as an add-on to pledges, we have ten designs structured as stretchgoals. We hope to show the rest of the gang as we progress! Help us get there by adding one to your pledge — they’re all super cute and made with the nicest specifications we could get!

Come pledge to the Kickstarter and be a part of it!

February’s draw stream

The next weekend-long draw stream starts Friday, February 24, so don’t forget! Supporters of our Patreon campaign fund these streams, so if you want to get yourself a shot at a drawing, go check that out!

We’ll have a very special prize to give away. We hope you like Augustus.

Finally: we’ll have a table at Anime Boston at the end of March, so here’s a quick heads up!

That’s all for now! Thanks for all your support!

— Veronica and Oliver

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