Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Date Night.”

Chapter 118, page 19 of 24. Posted 5/29/23.

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Date Night — Page 19

Author commentary

Veronica: He would have joined a bunch of team sports and COMPLETELY owned them all

I really do love that James is just faster than Paulo LMAO, zooms right past to talk up this new running light of his life.

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James gets between Mike and his girlfriend!

April 24, 2023

Takes a while to get through a chapter at one day a week, doesn’t it? Never fear! There were two obvious alternate-universe paths this chapter could have gone down, and two new comics are coming to BCI! The first one appears today, and the second one appears… after it’s no longer a spoiler.

Today, it’s time for Another Direction. When James said “I kinda thought I could change your mind”… and pointed out that Mike’s girlfriend might not be the best choice for his happiness… what if… Mike agreed? What if James’ proposal all made a lot of sense?

A sample from Another Direction

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— Oliver

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