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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Witch Hunt.”

Chapter 105, page 23. Posted 6/10/19.

Welcome to Bittersweet Candy Bowl, a comic about love, cats and high school drama.

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Witch Hunt — Page 23

Author commentary

Veronica: Miiiiike..

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Volume Six month concludes, and there are NEW OLD CHAPTERS.

May 6, 2019

We didn’t call it that until now, but that’s what it’s called. April. Volume Six month. HERE’S WHAT WE DID:

  1. Released Volume Six on the BCB Store.
  2. Updated the archive with all of Volume Six’s edits and art tweaks. (Start from “Guest of Honor”!)
  3. Uploaded the entire reworked Golden Hour, featuring 25 fully-drawn pages.
  4. Reworked the Archives page into “Buried Treasure”, a massive catalog of bonus comics both free and paywall’d!

What’s that? A massive catalog of bonus comics was added to the site?! Yes, it’s right here:

A quick flash through the Buried Treasure sections

Get stuck into nearly TWO DOZEN comics excavated from Veronica’s tag on Candybooru, nearly a HUNDRED PAGES in the Graveyard, and gaze at descriptions of all the chapters the cool kids with BCB books and BCI memberships get to read!

Clippings from various comics

And if that isn’t enough, we retagged all the draw stream requests and Ask Roseville High posts for easy reading. Phew!

Read all the “Buried Treasure” now!

We hope you’re enjoying “Witch Hunt” as BCB continues its weekly update schedule until the chapter’s through, but we really hope you’ll get something out of these old comics! Even we forgot a bunch of these existed.


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— Veronica and Oliver


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