Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“New Year’s Resolution.”

Chapter 119, page 33 of 40. Posted 2/19/24.

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New Year’s Resolution — Page 33

Author commentary

Veronica: Daisy only recently stopped being so clingy. He’s not used to a friend who is just kinda there and cool and isn’t secretly pining for their feelings to be returned.

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A Valentine’s Surprise — It’s Mucy!

February 12, 2024

Another Flame preview

Remember that? When Lucy tried to make it happen? and it very much did NOT. Before Eternal Flame, before December, before any of that mess, we had “A Distance Apart”, where Mike rejected Lucy.

But… it’s Valentine’s. What if Mike.. said yes? Well, in a roundabout Mike sort of way.

It’s “Another Choice”, the start of the Mike x Lucy ending you were robbed of, featuring Mike’s awkward stammering, Lucy trying to say the right thing, and three special words.

It’s the latest of MANY! Many member-exclusive comics in the Bittersweet Club International archive. 600+ pages! Too much to read at once!

Join BCI and read every comic!

Good thing you get a whole year of access to the archive and everything new, for a one-time, non-recurring payment of $29.

Don’t like Mike and Lucy? Well, you can read any of the last few dozen!! The last bunch have answered all sorts of questions: “What if Mike left Roseville in third grade, and Sandy stayed?”, “what if Daisy was standing on the hill in Eternal Flame”, “what if Mike won a date with James” and “what if Paulo was the one who fell down the gorge in the summer vacation chapters”.

Another Flame preview 2

But if you like Mike and Lucy, this is a good one.

— Veronica and Oliver

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