Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Date Night.”

Chapter 118, page 9 of 24. Posted 3/20/23.

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Date Night — Page 9

Author commentary

Veronica: People thought Mike didn’t mention Sandy’s existence to the boys, but he’s been on his phone constantly!! He would have had to mention her! James just didn’t care! lmao!!!

I recall in the previous chapter when Paulo was jealously ranting to Daisy, he WAS going to mention “Also, it’s not like I love James or anything! James is trying to get with a taken guy, that sucks! What a jerk!” but that was written out.. so even though Paulo didn’t wanna disrupt the date via David’s original plan, he certainly felt James was being kinda immoral about breaking Mike and Sandy up.

.. mainly because Paulo wants James and/or Mike to himself HAHAHAHAHA

Paulo? Respect Sandy? Please!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Dave Ostroske: Alright already, James, enough with the compliment bombing!

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One update a week… for a little while!

January 25, 2023

Bittersweet Candy Bowl will update only on Mondays (at 1 PM EST) for the time being, instead of three days a week. Just for a chapter or two.

Why? We’re a little overwhelmed and need to take a breather. We have plans — and new things to show you — later in 2023, but we don’t want to do everything in a rush. We don’t want to post another BCI alternate reality chapter as ”filler“ for the site, especially when this one feels so perfectly suited to one-day-a-week. So we’re going with one day a week, to allow us to be thoughtful about those things instead of rushing chapters out.

We hope long-time readers are understanding. We do try hard to keep up with our update schedule, but if the comic is going to suffer for it, we’ll come up with a temporary solution. This time, the solution is giving up on three days a week, for a short while.

For our patrons, we do appreciate you guys a ton, and hope you can stick it out with us. For our Club members, we will be sharing a new member-exclusive comic with you really soon!

Thanks, everyone, for sticking through it with us!

— Oliver

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