Bittersweet Candy Bowl

“Burnt Bridges.”

Chapter 111, page 27 of 28. Posted 9/20/21.

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Burnt Bridges — Page 27

Author commentary

Veronica: She really just wants to go to bed and pretend this embarrassing moment never happened.

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A new member-only Augustus and Lucy chapter and ALL the Ships Ahoys!

August 9, 2021

We keep adding comics to the BCI Members’ Library! Today it’s the one-two punch of “Another Intervention”, a brand new 16-page chapter, and the final season of Ships Ahoy. If you’re a part of the $29-a-year Bittersweet Club International, you can read these straight away. If you’re not, sign up!

“Another Intervention” tells the story of Lucy, alone, scared, ready to make a drastic decision from a snowy rooftop... until she bumps into Augustus!

A sample from Another Intervention

The story takes a few twists and turns. It was pretty well-received when I uploaded it to the site yesterday and members in the BCB Discord noticed it early:

Cool people from the Discord acting normal

Plus! Ships Ahoy, the 79-strip “let’s ship anyone with anyone” diversion that’s a staple of the Weekly Roundup email finally reaches its conclusion!

Cool people from the Discord acting normal

With the 14 strips of the final season now in the Members’ Library, you can read the series in its entirety. So many pairings! Along with hundreds of pages of other side story comics, and the new “Compare Older Pages” feature: alternate between the old and redrawn versions of pages in the comic archive.

Join BCI for $29 and read everything!

— Oliver

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