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Bittersweet Candy Bowl


The archive is made up of 129 chapters and intermissions, collected into six volumes (so far). There are 1,927 pages.

Volume One

Mike is torn between a long-distance childhood crush and a short-distance childhood admirer — not that she’d ever admit it!

Can a prickly, conflicted loner like Lucy ever get what she wants from Mike? And can they and their friends survive high school with their hearts intact?

1. Simple Pleasures (6 pages, 11/2/09)

Simple Pleasures icon

It’s a hot summer’s day, so why not step outside?

2. Gaming Rivalry (4 pages, 5/5/06)

Gaming Rivalry icon

A simple video game competition leads to an all-out brawl.

3. Merry Snow Day (4 pages, 5/8/06)

Merry Snow Day icon

Snowfall in the morning, but is it enough to grant Lucy a day off school?

4. Unfit for Education (4 pages, 5/12/06)

Unfit for Education icon

Yashy thinks she’s old enough to go to school, but things aren’t always that easy.

5. The Burden of Parenthood (7 pages, 7/15/11)

The Burden of Parenthood icon

The students pair up to care for electronic infants, leading to some shocking results.

6. Prom Preparation (4 pages, 6/3/06)

Prom Preparation icon

Daisy is put in charge of the 8th-grade dance night, while Mike takes on the role of ladies’ man.

7. Helping Hands (9 pages, 7/15/11)

Helping Hands icon

When disaster strikes a poor little bird, Paulo and Daisy are eager to help.

8. Show and Tell (4 pages, 6/12/06)

Show and Tell icon

The gang talks about their breeds while certain other misconceptions are thrown out the window.

9. Pep Rally (6 pages, 6/16/06)

Pep Rally icon

Mike’s hypersensitivity to noise and the upcoming pep rally make for a dangerous combination.

Intermission: Catty Remarks (2 pages, 6/20/06)

Catty Remarks icon

It’s a catastrophe.

10. Off to the Movies (6 pages, 6/27/06)

Off to the Movies icon

A cinematic adventure.

11. Puppy Love (4 pages, 6/30/06)

Puppy Love icon

A secret admirer leaves a note for Mike, amusing Lucy to no end.

12. Confrontation (30 pages, 1/15/10)

Confrontation icon

Finding themselves lost in an unknown city, the group faces up to some troublesome characters.

13. Aftermath (4 pages, 8/1/06)

Aftermath icon

Despite a lucky escape, mixed messages leave Mike with an awful taste in his mouth.

14. Field Day (12 pages, 8/4/06)

Field Day icon

Outdoor games are fun for everybody, right? Well, unless you take them a little too far…

15. Unfulfilled Fantasy (14 pages, 8/6/06)

Unfulfilled Fantasy icon

A letter arrives for Mike — a reminder of his childhood love.

16. Farewell, Middle School (6 pages, 8/9/06)

Farewell, Middle School icon

Middle school finally comes to an end. After saying goodbye to teachers, summer vacation begins.

Intermission: Mike’s Birthday (1 page, 8/10/06)

Mike’s Birthday icon

Surprise parties are overrated.

17. Blurry Memories (8 pages, 8/25/06)

Blurry Memories icon

Mike’s pet bird has always seemed a little mysterious.

Intermission: Yashy’s Birthday (1 page, 9/1/06)

Yashy’s Birthday icon

She just hopes nobody forgot.

18. Hot Pursuit (14 pages, 9/6/06)

Hot Pursuit icon

Mike sees a familiar face on TV and embarks on a quest to find her in the city.

19. Enter High School (6 pages, 9/10/06)

Enter High School icon

As the new year begins, a new classmate arrives.

20. A Difficult Choice (5 pages, 9/12/06)

A Difficult Choice icon

Plagued with mixed feelings and potential love interests, Mike struggles to make a decision.

21. A New Leaf (4 pages, 9/14/06)

A New Leaf icon

With a refreshed mind and positive outlook, Mike’s strutting around with confidence.

22. Wardrobe Malfunction (4 pages, 9/25/06)

Wardrobe Malfunction icon

So why doesn’t Mike wear his blue scarf anymore?

Intermission: Daisy’s Birthday (1 page, 9/28/06)

Daisy’s Birthday icon

A gift like this wasn’t exactly what Daisy was asking for.

23. Humble Approach (4 pages, 10/7/06)

Humble Approach icon

Daisy loses heart as she realises she’s not going to get the boy she always wanted.

24. Unmerry Melodies (4 pages, 10/11/06)

Unmerry Melodies icon

If BCB was a musical…

25. Left Behind (6 pages, 10/20/06)

Left Behind icon

Tess asks why Lucy is so abrasive. Fortunately, Mike has enough experience to offer some answers.

26. Misunderstanding and Change (6 pages, 11/3/06)

Misunderstanding and Change icon

A truth or dare question reveals that there’s more to Lucy and Paulo’s friendship than meets the eye.

Intermission: Lucy’s Birthday (3 pages, 11/8/06)

Lucy’s Birthday icon

It’s difficult to prepare a surprise party for Lucy. Will it actually work this year?

27. Of Little Monsters and Pockets (6 pages, 10/23/06)

Of Little Monsters and Pockets icon

What kind of Pokemon are you? How do you do the things you do?

28. Feline Festivities (16 pages, 12/29/06)

Feline Festivities icon

Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is invited to Tess’ party. Tension and punch ensue.

29. Mid-term Time (5 pages, 1/12/07)

Mid-term Time icon

Exam time is coming, and Tess turns to Daisy for help despite the inherent embarrassment of being tutored by a freshman.

30. Troubled Waters (12 pages, 1/16/07)

Troubled Waters icon

This term, Phys. Ed is all about swimming. But why isn’t Lucy involved?

Intermission: Wishful Thinking (1 page, 2/1/07)

Wishful Thinking icon

Paulo is delighted to get along so well with Lucy. It mightn’t last.

31. Carry On (6 pages, 2/4/07)

Carry On icon

Swimming brings Daisy’s lack of self-confidence to the fore, while Mike laments Lucy’s strange phobia.

Intermission: Break Time (2 pages, 2/10/07)

Break Time icon

Can you feel the magic?

32. Follow Me (7 pages, 2/18/07)

Follow Me icon

Daisy is upset that her male friends only seem to care about “hot” girls like Tess. She seeks comfort from a stranger.

33. Onwards to Adventure (7 pages, 2/23/07)

Onwards to Adventure icon

It’s David’s 14th birthday, and the sky’s the limit!

Intermission: Box of Tricks (5 pages, 3/11/07)

Box of Tricks icon

Arranged into groups for a school project, Mike and Lucy are weirded out by the antics of an obsessive third wheel.

34. Bonding (5 pages, 3/3/07)

Bonding icon

Daisy spends more time with her newfound friend, and he reveals there’s more to Tess than meets the eye.

35. Tread Carefully (1 page, 11/16/09)

Tread Carefully icon

Paulo isn’t pleased about having to go to school, but Daisy can think of an entertaining distraction.

Intermission: Hydrothunder Tantrum (2 pages, 5/5/07)

Hydrothunder Tantrum icon

“The VG Cats one”.

36. Under Pressure (10 pages, 3/17/07)

Under Pressure icon

Abbey reaches boiling point, Daisy flirts for attention, and Tess is haunted by her past.

37. Crash and Burn (4 pages, 3/25/07)

Crash and Burn icon

Struggling to hide naughty content from her pets, Lucy finds herself at war with her computer.

38. A Different Side (16 pages, 7/4/07)

A Different Side icon

Another pep rally gives Daisy her chance to shine. But past grudges find the worst times to bubble up to the surface…

Intermission: Birthday Double-Team (2 pages, 5/1/07)

Birthday Double-Team icon

Paulo and Chirpy are celebrating their birthdays together with disastrous results.

39. Rising Temperature (14 pages, 5/27/07)

Rising Temperature icon

Abbey reveals his hidden nature. Meanwhile, Daisy invites Mike to a carnival, and all seems to be going as planned…

40. Love My Way (22 pages, 6/27/07)

Love My Way icon

Tess and Paulo go to prom while Daisy and Mike go to the carnival. Two perfect nights go horribly wrong.

41. Moving On (6 pages, 7/7/07)

Moving On icon

With freshman year coming to a close, everyone looks back with a sense of relief.

42. Invitation (20 pages, 12/7/07)

Invitation icon

Tess asks everyone to join her on an overseas trip. She’ll stop at nothing to get a “yes” from Mike and Lucy.

43. Arrival (30 pages, 6/8/08)

Arrival icon

The group arrives at Acapulco and meets an awkward new friend.

44. Search and Rescue (28 pages, 10/2/08)

Search and Rescue icon

When somebody goes missing, Lucy’s dependency problem is stripped bare.

45. Intervention (24 pages, 1/10/09)

Intervention icon

Something is putting Mike on edge, while David confronts Paulo about his clash with Tess.

46. Return (18 pages, 1/25/09)

Return icon

It’s the final night of the Acapulco trip, and everyone has found a different experience to take away.

47. New Beginnings (13 pages, 3/16/09)

New Beginnings icon

Something has sparked between Daisy and Abbey, and Lucy is curious to know what happened.


Volume Two: Starting Over

What’s a guy to do when he’s surrounded by girls he can’t understand? What’s a girl to do when a long-overdue confession loses her everything?

Story Summary: Starting Over (34 pages, 9/14/12)

Starting Over icon

Settling into school routine, Jessica and Rachel get to know the cast.

48. Pick Me Up (11 pages, 3/31/09)

Pick Me Up icon

Lucy is struggling with her feelings, but Mike is sick of the whole game. Paulo picks up the pieces.

49. In the End (2 pages, 4/1/09)

In the End icon

Lucy wonders if she’ll ever find happiness with another, and seems to have found a solution.

50. Wonderland (6 pages, 11/2/09)

Wonderland icon

Lucy wakes up in a strange new world.

51. A Distance Apart (14 pages, 11/18/09)

A Distance Apart icon

Sophomore year has begun. While some look forward to the new year, Lucy continues to dwell on her predicament.

52. Unrequited (12 pages, 12/21/09)

Unrequited icon

Some secrets don’t take long to slip loose.

53. Another Shoulder (16 pages, 1/15/10)

Another Shoulder icon

As her friendship with Mike crumbles, Lucy becomes desperate for comfort and support.

54. Casting Call (10 pages, 3/22/10)

Casting Call icon

Sue orchestrates a theatre production… while getting some other details in order.

Intermission: Turning Tides (3 pages, 9/3/12)

Turning Tides icon

Paulo, you’re all washed up.

Intermission: Sensible Precautions (1 page, 6/15/11)

Sensible Precautions icon

David wonders about the clothing habits of his female classmates.

55. Back and Forth (33 pages, 4/16/10)

Back and Forth icon

Paulo proves to David that he still has what it takes to get any girl he wants.

56. Molly’s Adventure (24 pages, 7/2/10)

Molly’s Adventure icon

Anxious to play saleswoman for a day, Molly’s choice to seize the moment (and a friend) proves both a blessing and a curse.

57. Up to Bat (6 pages, 8/20/12)

Up to Bat icon

Paulo and Jasmine get some practice in before the big game.

58. To The Top (11 pages, 7/7/10)

To The Top icon

A burgeoning career, good friends, all the stuff a girl could ever need…

59. Mother’s Day (12 pages, 7/3/18)

Mother’s Day icon

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

60. Mischief Night (17 pages, 9/29/10)

Mischief Night icon

A night of scares and surprises.

Volume Three

It’s time for new relationships to blossom while Lucy faces a harsh winter.

61. Rehearsal (4 pages, 11/15/10)

Rehearsal icon

Sue’s script calls for a little more than Lucy wants to reveal. But there’s always the privacy of your own room, right?

62. Feline Filibuster (18 pages, 11/24/10)

Feline Filibuster icon

Academic politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small.

63. Pillow Talk (61 pages, 1/5/11)

Pillow Talk icon

Daisy invites the girls over for a sleepover party at her place. Pajama drama!

Intermission: Raw and Uncensored (1 page, 5/27/11)

Raw and Uncensored icon

David surfs the internet for illicit material.

64. Call Waiting (7 pages, 6/17/11)

Call Waiting icon

Mike’s in good spirits for a change. For now.

65. Carry Me (27 pages, 7/4/11)

Carry Me icon

Paulo is happy with his new girlfriend, but only when she has time for him.

66. On Our Own (6 pages, 9/4/11)

On Our Own icon

The school day is over, but Augustus is stuck with a problem.

67. Fade Away (6 pages, 9/19/11)

Fade Away icon

Tess is feeling uneasy about her upcoming graduation. Is it the usual senior chills, or is there something more?

68. December (39 pages, 10/3/11)

December icon

Winter’s here, but there’s one more assignment before Christmas vacation.

69. At Loose Ends (48 pages, 1/2/12)

At Loose Ends icon

With the help of those who love him, Abbey finds closure for his old family.

Volume Four

Mike has reunited with the girl of his dreams, but a dramatic departure is about to become the stuff of Paulo’s nightmares.

Will a booze-fueled night of intimate confessions bring the gang together or tear fragile relationships apart?

70. Piece of Cake (17 pages, 4/23/12)

Piece of Cake icon

Paulo takes advantage of a convenient confection to visit Lucy.

71. Just Beautiful (33 pages, 6/1/12)

Just Beautiful icon

The biggest night of Mike’s life.

72. Buddy System (1 page, 8/17/12)

Buddy System icon

Mike comes to understand the value of an unlimited phone plan.

73. Ten Seconds to Midnight (30 pages, 12/3/12)

Ten Seconds to Midnight icon

Another year, another broken heart. Meanwhile, Augustus happens upon a frightening sight.

74. Curtain Call (36 pages, 2/11/13)

Curtain Call icon

Sue’s big production finally takes the stage.

75. Breaking Up (28 pages, 5/4/13)

Breaking Up icon

The gang reach out for Lucy, but there isn’t much left to grab.

76. Leaving Home (11 pages, 6/25/13)

Leaving Home icon

Seems like everyone has their own way of coping.

77. Study Buddy (20 pages, 7/10/13)

Study Buddy icon

Daisy arranges a study party. It isn’t too long before Mike’s biggest secret starts to slip.

78. Safe Boundaries (26 pages, 8/8/13)

Safe Boundaries icon

Abbey and Daisy take their relationship to the next level.

79. Critical Hit (22 pages, 9/12/13)

Critical Hit icon

A gallery trip provides Sue with a few intellectual challenges.

80. Happy Hour (51 pages, 10/15/13)

Happy Hour icon

Mike faces the music.

Volume Five

A hopeful prom night ends in disaster, Paulo’s clumsy fix for a friend’s relationship nearly backfires, and Augustus struggles to break a bad habit.

81. Take Heart (33 pages, 1/20/14)

Take Heart icon

Abbey and Daisy face their first major blow-up, while Paulo becomes wary of a new man for Rachel.

Intermission: Love Note (1 page, 4/7/14)

Love Note icon

Paulo shares a heartfelt message to Mike.

82. Local Area (15 pages, 4/9/14)

Local Area icon

Stacy introduces Mike to her hidden passion. It’s a nerd thing.

83. Small Fry (17 pages, 5/14/14)

Small Fry icon

Paulo lands his first job. Rachel hesitates to start a difficult conversation.

Intermission: Test Drive (1 page, 6/25/14)

Test Drive icon

Kicked to the curb again.

84. Scenic Route (24 pages, 6/27/14)

Scenic Route icon

As graduation approaches, Tess takes the crew on a hiking trip.

85. Total Recall (42 pages, 8/25/14)

Total Recall icon

Paulo’s second junior prom faces a rude interruption.

Intermission: Textual Harassment (1 page, 8/22/14)

Textual Harassment icon

Emoticons run high.

86. Trapped (37 pages, 12/1/14)

Trapped icon

Longing for something better, Augustus recalls his twisted upbringing.

87. Boy Toy (32 pages, 2/25/15)

Boy Toy icon

Love can take many forms, Paulo.

Intermission: Casual Outing (2 pages, 6/8/15)

Casual Outing icon

Hot or not?

88. Class of 2008 (12 pages, 5/11/15)

Class of 2008 icon

As we go on, we remember…

Volume Six

Paulo wrestles with his worst impulses, Abbey crushes what he’s been holding onto far too tight, and Jasmine cleans up some trash.

Oh, and Sandy's not the only bombshell about to land a direct hit upon Mike’s fragile little social life!

89. Guest of Honor (48 pages, 6/15/15)

Guest of Honor icon

Daisy drags Paulo to a comic convention. Abbey would like a word with him.

90. Golden Hour (42 pages, 10/3/15)

Golden Hour icon

Matt invites the group out to his aunt’s beach house. Paulo struggles to find his feelings.

Intermission: Ice Block (2 pages, 1/13/16)

Ice Block icon

Dave’s a sweet friend.

91. Dial Tone (24 pages, 1/18/16)

Dial Tone icon

The day before Junior year begins, Mike’s nightmares are back to chase him down.

92. Table for One (20 pages, 3/18/16)

Table for One icon

Daisy has an unexpected encounter with Augustus, while Mike’s met with an acute sense of déjà vu.

93. Clean Slate (12 pages, 5/9/16)

Clean Slate icon

This next year of environmental club isn’t quite what Jasmine imagined.

94. Model Girlfriend (46 pages, 7/4/16)

Model Girlfriend icon

Sandy’s finally here, and Mike’s ecstatic for their first date.

95. Love Again (50 pages, 10/26/16)

Love Again icon

Lucy’s back after a long absence, but her new attitude leaves the group uncertain.

Intermission: Test Dummy (2 pages, 2/27/17)

Test Dummy icon

Jordan seeks help from a new mentor.

96. Unspoken Rule (28 pages, 3/3/17)

Unspoken Rule icon

Daisy patches up her friendship with Paulo, while Mike gets a rejection he wasn’t prepared to hear.

Intermission: Cut Short (2 pages, 5/15/17)

Cut Short icon

Mike struggles with Sandy’s continued absence.

…and everything newer:

97. After You (26 pages, 5/10/17)

After You icon

Lucy visits the carnival with Paulo, but it’s not the kind of date he was expecting.

Intermission: Everyday Life (32 pages, 7/17/17)

Everyday Life icon

Every day is extraordinary.

98. Moments Apart (26 pages, 9/2/17)

Moments Apart icon

It’s Daisy’s sweet sixteen, and both of her special someones say hello.

99. PDA (6 pages, 12/4/17)

PDA icon

Madison finally tears into Lucy, but it falls on a deaf ear.

100. High Expectations (30 pages, 12/19/17)

High Expectations icon

Abbey copes with rejection. Mike bristles at Sandy’s mere mention. Paulo stumbles upon a lunchtime rendezvous.

101. Mutual Assurance (6 pages, 3/2/18)

Mutual Assurance icon

Mike and Paulo find a way to say sorry.

102. Escape Route (33 pages, 3/16/18)

Escape Route icon

Lucy reckons with a disturbing fragment of the past.

103. It’s All in the Mind (22 pages, 6/1/18)

It’s All in the Mind icon

Lucy wants life to go back to normal, but there are some people you just can’t escape.

Intermission: Grave Concern (21 pages, 7/25/18)

Grave Concern icon

Mike faces the consequences.

104. Fair Game (34 pages, 9/17/18)

Fair Game icon

Madison’s bowling alley birthday party nearly goes awry as Paulo enacts a ludicrous plan to get Matt his dream date.

Intermission: Sugar Substitute (4 pages, 12/10/18)

Sugar Substitute icon

Everybody ends up talking about Paulo and bathrooms.

105. Witch Hunt (40 pages, 15 posted, 1/7/19)

Witch Hunt icon

Something evil’s lurking in the dark.

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