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Candybooru image #11576, tagged with JayGamer_(Artist) Jessica JessicaxMadison Jordan Madison Matt Rachel human


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as of today, i never have to do integration or differentiation again, and i feel like that's worth celebrating

JayGamer 1 year ago.

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I feel bad for not tagging this as MattxJordan but tagging it as JessicaxMadison but like, the girls are dating, and with Matt and Jordan, Jordan's like "yeah come here my good friend!!" and Matt's like "oh god"

JayGamer 1 year ago.

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This is awesome!
I love the awkward MattxJordan in the back and the chill JessxMadison in the middle, it's such a good representation of their characters

jeroenhd 1 year ago.

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Hehe Snapchat :P

LachlanDS 1 year ago.

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It's awesome to see you active again, Jay!

As always, awesome art!

Waldo 1 year ago.