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Kind'da Har'dah 'ead dere, fr'rend. Read in strong southern accent

All joking aside, funny that you mention Baki. I just got done reading Baki Dou yesterday after not reading anything Baki related in like.. 2-3 years. Spooky.

But it is kinda hard to read some of it. Cursive looks pretty, but it's a bit too... what's the word I'm looking for... personalized? There are way too many variations of cursive that people adapt to, with some of these variations being nigh unreadable. (Look up "Russian Cursive" in images, first image to see an extreme version of 'pretty, but unreadable')

This is pretty much in the middle, if not a bit more on the unreadable side. (Some words or letters here and there I can't quite figure out unless I sit there for a good 10-20 seconds, working it out like a puzzle.)

The art is nice, though. Really like the David The Grappler, good attention to detail. I also really like the side face of Sandy in the second panel, the line work is oddly perfect if that makes sense. lol

The only thing that'll make it better is some shading, but I know shading can be some tuff stuff, so that's ok.

(Had to look up the Phrasing meme, thank you for guiding me to another beautiful part of the internet)

Kinroth 1 week ago.

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Thanks. Sorry about my handwriting, I never had problems with it, but I guess is because of where I learned to write and stuff like that.

I didn't bother with shading because I'm not that good and would eat up too much of my time.

Also you should watch Archer

tombrony 1 week ago.