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Candybooru image #1919, tagged with Emperor_bacon_(Artist) McCain weapon


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ok from the left

McCain: he is the commisar in my army and if i do it il use him as Yarrick :P

standered trooper: main soldier in my army got 124 of them

a new Mike model: as some know i posted on a picture that i was gone make Mike in that look so here it is

Immortal and lord: just cose some whant to see my painting skills here is my necron lord and immortal i painted them 1 year ago so i dident use wash on them but il do that on the rest of my army :D

ok then i have bought more cat heads and il get some more models in November but for now il leave you a list on what is gone be what in my army commandres and i am not only gone have BCB caracters il have 1-2 fro the comic slightly damn and one of my fav boss caracters since he is awsome ^^ but ok lets start

Carson=tank commander Pask
Tess=assasin (dont know what assasin yet)
Wild dog=Harker
Abby=sgt. kell
Daisy=Urusak Creed
Rena (the other comic)=marbo
Paulo's dad=idk yet
David=techprist (still looking for a small enugh head)

and more will come i hope :)

emperor_bacon 8 years ago.

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Is that a Jin Roh figure second to left?

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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no its from wargames factory they are pretty cheap and god made to if you whant a cheap imperial guard army :)

emperor_bacon 8 years ago.

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Dude, why do the bodys look good and the heads are a piece of ****.

Anonymous #2 8 years ago.

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since i have to improvise on the heads when GW dont make them >_<

emperor_bacon 8 years ago.

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Like Blizzard much?

I'm platinum baby!

Anonymous #3 8 years ago.

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Hahahah and here I was going to berate the list.

Anonymous #4 8 years ago.