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Candybooru image #2175, tagged with Kekon_(Artist) Kizuna Lucy Mike


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Seriously, why is she called a master chef? We should have at least seen her cook something if she is a "Great Cook"!
Did she cook everyones food? what?

kekon 8 years ago.

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In other news, "Pallet Swaps! Your Eye color could be the WRONG EYE COLOR!"

kekon 8 years ago.

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She cooked Paulo`s and Chirpy`s birthday cake

cats4ever98 8 years ago.

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WTF even happened to ******?! i mean did she really fly away because she was an alien, or whatever the hell it said in the comic?!

QuestionableKitty 8 years ago.

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That is literally how she is going to get rid of ******. :(
Check her Character sheet. she's dead.

kekon 8 years ago.

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Long stupid story about her creator being a bitch. Don't ask, and be glad that Taeshi removed her rather than did all the stupid crap the creator wanted.

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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Haha you switched their eye colors.
Also I'm glad ******'s gone, whatevaaaa.

Carmen 8 years ago.

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Anonymous, I'll have to disagree with you. ******'s creator seems like a very polite person. She did not approve of the way that her character was made to obsess over David and, after deciding that ****** didn't really fit in with the cast anymore, personally ASKED for her character to be removed. Neither Taeshi nor ******'s creator have any hard feelings between each other.

Skygaze 8 years ago.

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@Carmen Accidentally. lulz

kekon 8 years ago.

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Let me tell you why I liked ******.
I didn't like her because she was a 1-Dimensional Character.
I liked her because of her potential as a well characterized character. If ****** had a character arc to actually set her to be more than just "in love with David" She would have been more liked. Thats what is wrong with most cartoons, comics, and stories that try to be drama, is that you cant have a character who doesn't seem very flat and plain.
It almost seemed as if ****** secretly HAD a 3 Dimension to her character, but it never showed. that's what I liked.
I hated that she was killed off before we could see that.

kekon 8 years ago.

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Don't care. She's dead. I killed her. TWICE.

Credence 8 years ago.

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ese tipo esta idiota los ojos los puso inversos azul verde no verde azul

Anonymous #2 8 years ago.

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Yo tengo el color de los ojos mezclados sobre el accidente.

kekon 8 years ago.