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Candybooru image #4516, tagged with Lucy costume fattymccatcat_(Artist)


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im going to do everyone as kingdom hearts characters, post who you think im going to draw as who in your coments i also would like feedback and critisism if any

fattymccatcat 7 years ago.

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Huh. It's cute, but she's a little too tall/thin, especially in her body- keep in mind that legs should be just as long as (if not longer than) the torso, and they should also be longer than the arms. It looks weirdly stretched. Head is also a little too tall. Other than the stretching problem, it seems pretty solid. I recommend you look up some help on proportions and scale. Here's a decent link I found pretty quickly ( It's not an exact science, you don't have to worry about getting all of the proportions totally correct, but your characters should fit in roughly with those proportions. At first it'll probably seem awkward, but just keep practicing and you'll get better :)

Also: Mike as Sora, Paulo as Roxas, Augustus as Riku, Daisy as Namine, David as Goofy. First ones to pop into my head.

Null 7 years ago.