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Candybooru image #4800, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Akacatgirl_(Artist) BCB_Art_Meme Daisy Lucy Mike MikexLucy Molly Paulo PauloxLucy Rachel RachelxDaisy meme


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Finally. It's been so long since I've seen another MikeXLucy fan.

Seikyuu 10 years ago.

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I definitely agree with the sentiment in section 11. This is really good by the way, and of course I can never resist some MikexLucy.

DeuceMoose 10 years ago.

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lololololol OM NICE TOP TO BOTTOM!

Raxki 10 years ago.

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Whoops forgot to add commentary:
Also, sorry if my hand writing is too messy. If you can't read something just comment, and I'll clarify. :P
I spent a a week or so working on this, I hope you like it! ^_^

akacatgirl 10 years ago.

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You're such a sweetie! Don't think you're being a suck-up at all, I really appreciate and it makes me feel very flattered and undeserving ;__; I'm happy that BCB got you drawing again because you definitely have a lot of talent and you should keep it up!

Taeshi 10 years ago.

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@Taeshi: gagging noises

Susan 10 years ago.

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cat dicks iz yummy

Mr_Klaus 10 years ago.

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D'aaawwwww, Aka, you're so cute.

Migrant 10 years ago.

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I like this. Let me pull out some good quotes...

'Dem scarves'
'Molly I think your science experiment worked a little too well...'
'(get it?)'
Last panel is awesome

Grubey 10 years ago.