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Candybooru image #4938, tagged with Abbey Lucy Stilbini_(Artist) comic


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Oh great another fan comic :p. This time with Abbey!
I could never see a romance between the two but I always wondered, "why aren't they friends?". Page one of an attempt to make them get along.

Stilbini 6 years ago.

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and then they banged

Gabriel_Kaxbe 6 years ago.

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MikeasaurusRex 6 years ago.

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Yeah, I don't think being chivalrous makes you sexist automatically.

Starwatcher 6 years ago.

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I think Abbey likes Lucy (as friends, of course). They have talked, he's always nice with her. I like Abbey :D

also, I love you Kaxbe.

Itzumi 6 years ago.

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I demand more

Kaizy 6 years ago.

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Where's the love between the two?

I like your thought process. I could see Abbey and Lucy being great friends. Same goes for a lot of the characters. Shame that we never really see them (Lucy and Abbey) interact.

NintendoSegaSonyGuy 6 years ago.

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Hahahaha Lucy is not even close to Abbey's type.

I am liking this so far!

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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After this, abbeyxlucy EVERYWHERE.

shankrxn8111 6 years ago.

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAH YES!!!! You deserve that, Lucy you insufferable cow! Ahh this is why I love this comic so much: It represents exactly what Lucy does to everybody and the main reason that Mike ditched her!! :D <3

PotterHead_jelly_bean 6 years ago.