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Candybooru image #5501, tagged with Mike Puffyahnna_(Artist)


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This concept/idea is getting kinda old... Mike does look cute, though xD

Laufente 7 years ago.

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You kidding? This was old after the first one, and every single one of these dumb scarf things has been childish and retarded.

SushiJaguar 7 years ago.

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@SushiJauar: Not Kidding. just tired

puffyahnna 7 years ago.

Comment ID #44735

Sheesh, Sushi. You sound a little ticked off. XD

IDog 7 years ago.

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Well, that might be because I was when I posted it. But I think the observation's valid.

SushiJaguar 7 years ago.