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Candybooru image #5681, tagged with Lucy Mike Paulo human visiface_(Artist)


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lol the only human doodle i'll upload, i promise

visiface 6 years ago.

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Why would you stop making more human bcb doodles. These are by far the best

Gnukko 6 years ago.

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Yeah this is actually kind of fun, not too serious.

Mike is totally wearing skintight pants. :unsure:

DLancer 6 years ago.

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Paulo's got so much swag in that outfit, I absolutely love it!

Rukral 6 years ago.

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AHahaha am i really the only one who sees wolverine in Paulo?! Like jegus its now my new headcanon for a human paulo. A younger gingerfied wolverine XDDDDDD

Skykittykat 6 years ago.

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Oso-De-Clare 5 years ago.

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I am stealing these outfit designs

safarisucks 3 years ago.