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Candybooru image #7716, tagged with Mike Popcorn-tart_(Artist)


Comment ID #57873

Is this... Mike's head on a chopping block?

Be3N2 5 years ago.

Comment ID #57874

If only those eyes were green.

Be3N2, hmm, somebody is about to be chopping apparently :(.

Supertails19 5 years ago.

Comment ID #57878

No, it's him as a chibi cube...sitting on a tree stump...:( aw man, does it really look that way? XD

Popcorn-Tart 5 years ago.

Comment ID #57880

i was excited thinking it was some sorta hat


Taeshi 5 years ago.

Comment ID #57891

For some odd reason I thought it was a mug...... :|

But this looks so kewl and nice :D

MapleMelodey 5 years ago.