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Candybooru image #7937, tagged with Lucy fattymccatcat_(Artist) parody


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hello! my name is fattymccatcat. two years ago i drew some teribble fan art. the only fan art ive ever drawn. my skills have slightly improved so i decided to try redrawing them again! they arent MUCH better, but they are better none the less. so im restarting my old project. drawing most of the BCB characters in the clothing of kingdom hearts characters! so post who you think which character should dress up like who! also, id like anyone to point out whats wrong so my skills can improve ^_^

fattymccatcat 5 years ago.

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Paulo as Riku and Mike as Sora since they seem like the most likely to fight each other and then become friends. David as that dude from Treasure Island that challenges you to a fight... with a stick(if I remember right). 8-D Sandy as Namine or Xion(if you can). Uhh, I can't think of anyone else at the moment. This is a really cool idea by the way. :)

Supertails19 5 years ago.

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I posted something I think would be helpful under the Sue one... I tried. :(

Supertails19 5 years ago.

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should i do paulo as riku or axel? when i pick one the other goes to abbey.

fattymccatcat 5 years ago.

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How about a sora Lucy and riku mike?

bluefox 5 years ago.

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I forgot about Axel. How did I forget about Axel?! Yes, you are right, Paulo as Axel and Abbey as Riku. Personality wise it fits. Abbey has to deal with his inner darkness and Paulo's a fun loving dude that does what he wants to do.

Supertails19 5 years ago.