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Candybooru image #8215, tagged with June-pay_Eeyorey_(Artist) Lucy Mike


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I normally don't draw fan art. But I've been looking for ways to practice my Chiaroscuro in pen and ink. I also have been practicing cleaning up scans in photoshop. I admit that I went a bit over broad and changed the colors of the pen and ink. Also I used the cheap inks on this, so its not that great. I need lots of critical commentary on this so I can get some fresh ideas.

June-pay_Eeyorey 5 years ago.

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Because you asked for critical commentary!

Criticism: The pose is a little awkward. It feels like they are stiff like Lucy's arms folding gives them the illusion of being too long and too straight. If you look at your arm, you can notice curves and a sense of flow from the shoulder going thick thin thick thin wrist hands. Don't be afraid to flesh this out more (I noticed you were doing it, probably to make her look thinner). Mike's position looks forced, try to mimic his pose and notice how your arm looks more "tucked" in or if he's leaning on it try to compliment that by shifting his shoulders.

Hands: I notice that you have trouble drawing hands (like most people) so here are some tips for the future. Look at the hand anatomy; you have a wrist, a palm, knuckles, fingers, and a thumb. The thumb should start from the wrist and slope up to desired length. The main component after this is that the thumb should end halfway up the palm. That actually the hardest part of drawing hands, the wrist, the palm, and the thumb. The fingers should have a natural curve while resting rather than outstretched. That's all the tips I can personally give you. The rest is gained through studying anatomy, either via googling it or looking at your own hands and practicing.

Other than that, I love this. The position of the camera is excellent as you got the anatomy right (for your style) as we look downwards. The legs look long in a good and sexy way with the muscles all nicely shaded and brought out. I love your shading with a mixture of yellow and purple and using TEXTURES (drools) to bring out details such as Mike's scarf and Lucy's bow.

I hope this helped!

Tylord 5 years ago.

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@ Tylord the hands I made were intentional because they're cat paws. I'm actually very good at drawing human hands.

I didn't notice how lucy's arms look till you said it. I know that mikes pose looks forced but that is actually how I hold my own body naturally, so it looked normal to me.

I'm also very surprised that you never said anything about the feet (there are none). For some reason no one ever says anything about that.

Thanks for the commentary, it did help. I feel kinda bad for posting this because this isn't very good compared to how I actually draw. I said I was going for a Chiaroscuro, but I look back on it and its really not that dramatic or contrasting enough.

June-pay_Eeyorey 5 years ago.

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LOL forgot.

@Tylord the yellow and purple were from photoshop. I actually did the whole think in red ink then added blue then added green. drawing stuff like that is general a color pencil technique, but it can be done with any color medium that u can show value with. it became yellow and purple because of photoshop, and because yellow purple are complements.

June-pay_Eeyorey 5 years ago.

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The lack of feet could actually be a style that some people decide to do (look up ryanide on deviantart for examle)so I wasn't too surprised by it. I thought they looked more "cattish" with the lack of feet so to speak.

Regarding the hands, your skill did not show here so I assumed so apologies for underestimating. Regardless, the hands are out of proportions, cat paws or not, due to the lack of wrists. Seeing how they are more human than cat (bipedal, muscular, built, ect) I would suggest making human hands instead or no hands at all to match the feet.

Also I was praising your awesome textures and just happened to mention the colors. I kind of noticed the colors were a photoshop result when I read your first result as I occasionally do the same thing to my art.

Again, great job!

Tylord 5 years ago.

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I agree every time I look at it i feel like I should have drawn normal hands.

June-pay_Eeyorey 5 years ago.