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This is my Latest BCB crossover Fan Pic as of March 2014, its been awhile since I drew any BCB fan pics, but this is Crossover Fan Pic is a Crossover Romance between Molly and the Psychonaut: Raz, I don't know if Taeshi and/or SuitCase know What Psychonauts the Game is, nor do I think they even know who Raz is, but the Red headed Raz without the pilot cap and Goggles is based on the Psychonauts outfit Raz wore in the end of the Game I just beat as a PS2 Classic on my PS3, Can any of you imagine a Psychonauts Fan Comic or Fan Fiction of Raz jumping into the mind of you know who created BCB and then later develop some cute platonic friendships with Molly and the BCB creator herself in such an episodic story? that'd be adorable :D and I'll be honest here, I actually wish they'd make a sequel for Psychonauts. I hope you like my latest Crossover Fan Pic today? ;) P.S. I colored their hairs, Raz' face, and the Heart's Halo by Marker while I colored the whole picture by watercolor.

BAR 5 years ago.

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MimiChan 5 years ago.