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    Aica_(Artist), Daisy, Jessica, Rachel, Sandy

    Aica_(Artist) Daisy Jessica Rachel Sandy (650x700, 146.5KB)

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    Started with just Rachel cause she's such a sweet heart and the rest just showed up after awhile

    Aica 1 week ago.

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    Oohh I love all of them, but especially that cute Rachel ohmergawd. #^_^#

    chapril 1 week ago.

    JEMCIV_(Artist), Rachel, Twee_lil_lass_(Artist)

    JEMCIV_(Artist) Rachel Twee_lil_lass_(Artist) (396x600, 37.8KB)

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    this color edit is a bit older than the last one. No clue when I did it, but I improved a bit on the last one

    Twee_lil_lass 1 week ago.

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    at least... I think I did this one?

    Twee_lil_lass 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #65649

    yep nevermind. I guess I'm just really unfamiliar with my old style :/

    Twee_lil_lass 1 week ago.

    Salty_Fin_(Artist), Sandy

    Salty_Fin_(Artist) Sandy (1000x542, 226.7KB)

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    Long distance is tough on both parts

    Salty_Fin 1 week ago.

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    Given what Mike said it apparently isn't the case: Mike did sent messages to her and was worried because she didn't replied them; unless of course she didn't get them in the first place, unreliable technology perhaps.

    Juan_Pablo 1 week ago.

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    Despite Sandy tag, it looks more like Lucy with dyed hair. Otherwise, great pic.

    Mil_Faces 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #65645

    Thats right. No sex messages for sandy. Im with mil_faces she looks like lucy. Sandy tail isn't that fluffy and her nose is black. But still a cute picture.

    bluefox 1 week ago.

    Daisy, Salty_Fin_(Artist)

    Daisy Salty_Fin_(Artist) (1000x542, 44.9KB)

    Comment ID #65607

    Poor Daisy.

    bluefox 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #65608

    Lol why

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #65611

    This is so cute omg.

    Yaschiri 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #65617

    The same picture on tumblr says its a LucyxDaisy child?

    Anialator 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #65640

    @anialator Ya, when I originally drew it I thought it looked like a daisyxlucy child but now (to me at least) it looks more like diary with longer fur

    Salty_Fin 1 week ago.

    Augustus, Shintaro_(Artist)

    Augustus Shintaro_(Artist) (1536x2048, 262.6KB)

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    the world needs more augustus fanart

    shintaro 1 week ago.

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    More Augustus is always better. He's the hottest.

    not_used 1 week ago.

    BCI_Stream, Lucy, Mike, Sandy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    BCI_Stream Lucy Mike Sandy Taeshi_(Artist) (700x541, 47.3KB)

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    I'm so glad I requested this...turned out more hilarious than I expected.

    Raz 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #62198

    Haha wow, Sandy looks so pleased/devious.

    Skylight 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #62219

    Yes, yes good, fight for my amusement. The winner will share my bedchambers, buwahaha

    Ace 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #62221

    many already know who will win, (lucy)

    Lucys 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #62229

    This is EXACTLY how i see relationship MikexSandy -o-

    Fenris 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #62235

    This picture portrays Mike x Sandy perfectly, he will blindly do whatever she wants

    TailsTheFoxy 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #62312

    Dang Sandy, a whole different side to you...

    Tealjoy 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #64056

    this is depressing

    Paulo you should be there helping
    or auggy pleaaase

    InfiniteInsanity 6 months ago.

    Comment ID #64716

    This is incredibly appalling.

    Juan_Pablo 4 months ago.

    Comment ID #65618

    Yay domestic violence?

    Proxy-Fox 2 weeks ago.

    Abbey, Daisy, January_Stream, Lucy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Abbey Daisy January_Stream Lucy Taeshi_(Artist) (900x550, 54.1KB)

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    Ehm... is this some kind of political cartoon or something?

    __noname__ 5 months ago.

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    Mil_Faces 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #64285

    Lucy contemplates a blank wall, while midget Abbey conforts Daisy about hot-dogs making her fat.


    7 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #64289


    What are you smoking? This is not self explanatory in the least. It must be referencing something, but I happen not to know what that reference is so it makes no sense to me at all.

    HelTH 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #64302

    My first thought was that it was a reference to Alice in Wonderland, except there's no little door, so perhaps Lucy will need to improvise by punching a hole through the wall. And Daisy is eating a hot dog in order to get smaller, which is sort of ironic.

    Another possibility is that Daisy and Lucy have had a disagreement, and Daisy is now comfort-eating. However, this doesn't explain the small Abbey, unless that's meant to be metaphorical, in that he can't really help Daisy very much in overcoming her insecurities.

    wacko 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #64307

    hahahaha oh my god, I love that you found a logical interpretation of this, @wacko ! I'm 100% sure this image isn't supposed to make sense though. It made me laugh a lot when I saw it.

    Also @HelTH , MissH was obviously kidding

    Itzumi 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #64308

    @ Wacko I miss your comments so much.

    bluefox 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #64315

    Daisy can not stop consuming the poison of her insecurities. Lucy can only see the emptiness in front of her so she is oblivious to her friends suffering. Abbey is stuck in the past of his childhood trauma and is compelled to try and help even though he doesn't know how.

    UbAh 5 months ago.

    Comment ID #64375

    I am super uber mega confused, wat

    xXx420BlazeItxXx 4 months ago.

    Comment ID #65616

    Abbey is really small in this.

    Proxy-Fox 2 weeks ago.

    Lucy, Salty_Fin_(Artist)

    Lucy Salty_Fin_(Artist) (1000x542, 40.1KB)

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    Lucy with long hair and bangs.

    Salty_Fin 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #65615

    She floofY

    NasalDiabetes 2 weeks ago.

    Jessica, JessicaxLucy, Lucy, Oso-De-Clare_(Artist)

    Jessica JessicaxLucy Lucy Oso-De-Clare_(Artist) (1138x974, 1.2MB)

    Comment ID #65560

    i got so excited about uploading it that i forgot to resize it..... my bad umu;;;
    excuse some of the wonky proportions, i was fairly stoned lmao, but ye, my favorite lesbians :,)

    Oso-De-Clare 3 weeks ago.

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    bluefox 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #65610

    Seeing blanked out page lines gives me BCB vol. 1 flashbacks.

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Jess, Lucy, Mike, Paulo, Rachel, sebiesie_(Artist), sketch

    Jess Lucy Mike Paulo Rachel sebiesie_(Artist) sketch (2355x3468, 5.1MB)

    Comment ID #65585

    some quality Cat Art

    sorry for the messy scan :-I

    sebiesie 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #65587

    It's so expressive but so simple, how do you do it?

    not_used 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #65609

    Yeah, this is gorgeous. I hope you can post more, sketches or otherwise!

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

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