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Candybooru image #10573, tagged with BananaSquid_(Artist) Lucy


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Lucy by herself yay

idk what i was going for really :nope:

I am grateful for any constructive criticism and comments :-*

BananaSquid 6 years ago.

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I still prefer Lucy a lot over Sandy... :unsure:
I mean, I get why some might like Sandy, but still...

as for the picture:
I like it very much! want to see more like this! ^_^

Jappo 6 years ago.

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Yeah. I can agree with all three of those statements.

I mean, I get why some would prefer Sandy.

But to be honest. I still would like Mike to end up with Lucy.

And for the third statement, this picture is really nice. I like how you used Lucy's bow to sort of "Cut out" her face. Nice work! :)

Lotsaspaghetti 6 years ago.

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It's okay guys I actually just like the drawing I did of sandy more but I prefer Lucy as a character <3

Thank you for the lovely comments! :love:

BananaSquid 6 years ago.