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Candybooru image #11463, tagged with Augustus David Lucy Videogamer80_(Artist) comic mergeme


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Alright, for some background, yes, this part isn't the part where Augustus tells David what Lucy's been up to, but this is a part to moreso show Augustus and Lucy's relationship at that point. I'd like to think that they've been doing lots of things in the background while the main spotlight is on most of the other main cast. (Oh, and note, I'm not really an Augustus x Lucy shipper, I still hope for the day that Mike X Lucy could be a canon thing, but I'll just have to wait and see...)

I think I'll make 5 parts total. It's fun to draw comics :D (especially without colors XD )

Videogamer80 2 years ago.

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Let's be honest would Augustus have anything more than a prepaid flip phone

SpaceMouse 2 years ago.

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Hmmm... Probably not XD Maybe he found it on the side of the road, and just took it? I dunno XD

Videogamer80 2 years ago.

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If he is great at shoplifting, he can easily steal someones phone, and after a while he gets one which doesn't get blocked after a week or 2 ;) So he's using it at someones costs i guess? ;)

Lucy: "New number again?" Augustus: "Yeah, stupid owner blocked it"

Selef 2 years ago.

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Yeah, I could totally see Augustus doing that XD

Videogamer80 2 years ago.

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In all honesty, I've seen kids in very similar conditions to Augustus's, and almost all of them (about 85%) have had better phones than I did at the time.

Shade 2 years ago.

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Actually yeah, I've noticed that too. I think that it's just that lots of people nowadays have relatively good phones. I mean, all of my friends, even the ones from not as privileged backgrounds, have quite good phones.

Videogamer80 2 years ago.