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Candybooru image #11762, tagged with Augustus JayGamer_(Artist) Lucy


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Happy Birthday, Taeshi! It's a little late, but I hope you had a great day regardless. Thanks for everything you've done and continue to do to make your fans happy - you do so much work for all of us and I hope you know that we really appreciate you for it.
(Also I've got those Smeargles for you, I'll get them to you ASAP on the irc or something)

JayGamer 4 years ago.

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Aaaaaaaaa this is so cute, thank you so much!! Love the look of the sunset!! ;___;

I feel so bad because the only way I can get the Smeargles is if I actually catch things, and I’m still in Rowlet hell I’M SORRY

Taeshi 4 years ago.

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"So are they arguing?"

"Yep, all according to plan. Paulo is so easy to predict."


DeathofInk 4 years ago.

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the coloring!! your art always amazes me :-*

toreesucks 4 years ago.