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Candybooru image #12478, tagged with Amaya Geist_(Artist) Murdoch_(Artist) edit


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Having the old picture with the stupid argument taken down, also saw some watermarks on it and decided to re do a clean one.
Got the method for making this kind of edit down really well so if you want one done, leave a .tell for me on IRC.
Will be doing Digital Art in the next month. (New Tablet incoming)
Made like 3 of these but I'm only uploading this one.

Murdoch 3 years ago.

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my IRC is RiverMurdoch, and my kik is DoctorMustachio

Murdoch 3 years ago.

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Nice drawing.

SCD 3 years ago.

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Amaya is drooling~
Great work!

TravelPastel 3 years ago.

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I should re-clarify, this is an edit of Geist's work, click on the source.

Murdoch 3 years ago.