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i thought it would be cool to come up with little siblings for a couple of the kids, so here are some more kittens, for MikexDaisy and AugustusxLucy

the MikexDaisy kitten would probably be a little more confident than his older sister! For the accessory, i thought keeping with the ocean theme Daisy has with her pearls would be a good idea, so i gave him a shark tooth necklace.

if i had to give them names, MxD would be Jay and AxL would be Grace.

the AugustusxLucy probably gets Lucy's tenacity, but she's really spoiled so she's got a bark with no bite, and she'd probably run to her older sister if she got into any real trouble.

cviridian on May 31, 2018.

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Nice drawing.

SCD on June 1, 2018.