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Candybooru image #14357, tagged with Lullaby_(Artist) Mike


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i hope this isn't too heavy handed...

mike im BIG big emo for you. i love my sweet and notoriously crabby boy even if no one else does!!! whammy!!! a kiss of love from me!!!

lullaby 2 years ago.

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oh wow, I love your style! :D The scarf being like a noose is so good...I especially like his grip on it - like it's getting tighter. Pretty appropriate after the last chapter!!

slowivy 2 years ago.

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@slowivy thank you so so much! :D im happy that came through in the art... usually im not too good w it.

lullaby 2 years ago.

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OH WOW!!! This is amazing!!! The light coming from his phone.....the scarf.....this is Amazing :love:

AGENT08 2 years ago.

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this is fucking SUPERB

comfit 2 years ago.