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A fanart I made for the alliances formed when the BCB server contributed to r/place's canvas. we honor the following:

- Adventure Time Jake Maze, our first alliance which was lost with us when some streamer got his chat to black out part of the canvas. (I was later told they were able to make a different Adventure Time art on the canvas, which is nice).

- Our biggest and most consistent ally, r/Tagpro, which I will probably play sometime this or next week

- The little duck that they made in tagpro's section

- "VT LATAM", a light blue square placed below us, and we don't know anyone directly involved yet we both silently helped defend each other

- Mike is deliberately not represented here despite being in our r/place contribution as a way to represent how r/bluecorner dropped the ball on us... so he and his blue scarf are out. Tagpro wears his scarf instead.

agentchimendez on April 5, 2022.

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This is such a damn good drawing PC! I love how much of the event you were able to incorporate into a single piece! :love:

r/place was a great event to take part in, and I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better alliance. :)

Frankenstein on April 5, 2022.

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:D #^_^#

Bittersweet_Disney_ on May 16, 2022.