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Candybooru image #1646, tagged with Emperor_bacon_(Artist) Lucy costume weapon


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shankrxn8111 8 years ago.

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Okay I'll never quite get why people draw Furry versions of WH40k humans. Humans in that setting are -extremely Xenophobic Zealots who kill anything remotely not human-. The Sisters of battle being the worse of the lot.

Making them animal people seems... uh... unfitting? ;p

Bribri 8 years ago.

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Well if this was the Imperial Guard, it would be possible to have something that is like that in their ranks, however the possibility is slim as that level of mutation or possibility of being a xenos is too much for most IG legions. However! If it were say, the retinue of a radical Ordo Xenos inquisitor or Rouge Trader then it would be very conceivable that they could work in that setting. Debating is fun over Candybooru.

But also, it's part of the fun of putting them in these settings, I mean, some of these pairings are silly, but they still are drawn and stuff

Ace 8 years ago.

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Shotgun_Wizard 8 years ago.

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The lucynator

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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ok just for reminder in my story *in the 41 millenium there is BCB* there is no humans so this is how Lucy would look like as a battle sister (not done yet) and i am also making a model and the rest of the caracters in BCB and a penal legion squad that has mutated in to animals and for the heresy thing if you read a bit closer in the warhammer 40k story you will notice that the Emperor was gone make a deal with all races to destroy chaos so saying heresy to this is to stop the Emperor's plans and that is more heresy then anything

emperor_bacon 8 years ago.

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Your all forgetting about the Space Wolves 13th Company

RickAstley 8 years ago.

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ya but they are half wolfs not full wolfs

emperor_bacon 8 years ago.

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There still a fur covered mutation in a Space Marine army.

RickAstley 8 years ago.