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Candybooru image #1787, tagged with Josie_(Artist) Lucy Mike MikexLucy


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Mike doesn't look shocked/surprised enough: try making the colored portion of the eye smaller when going for a look of a surprise. Also, look at some anatomy drawings- there's a bunch here' sts.htm

It'll help you with making the bodies and heads look more realistic :) Other than that, nice pic.

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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^That was me by the way, keep forgetting to log in XD

Null 8 years ago.

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Interesting art style.

Michael 8 years ago.

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Hola! Gracias Gabriel.. por subir mis dibujos... pero..
yo no te di permiso de usarlos ni nada.... Yo soy josie...

Josie 8 years ago.