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Candybooru image #1929, tagged with Abbey Amaya Daisy David Halloween Lucy McCain Mike Molly Paulo Reddawn_(Artist) Sue Tess costume


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Mad props to anyone who can guesse what everyone is, let alone who.
They're alternative costumes xD
And yessss, I know half of them look retarded. Paulo pailo paulo...

reddawn 11 years ago.

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Molly - Tinkerbell
Abbey - Gipetto?
Daisy - A Flapper?
Lucy - Wicked Witch of the West?
Sue - A hippie (or Reggie from Rocket Power)
McCain - Kawaii McCain
David - Men in Black?
Amaya - Daredevil?
Tess - Devil's Advocate?
I dunno who the two others are :I

Scarfy 11 years ago.

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hmm...the only one I can truly identify is McCain. He's Menshi from Excel Saga isn't he? And now comes the flood of guesses.

Mike: Mummy from Sphynx game for PS2
Lucy: Hello Kitty Witch
Paulo: Count Dracula
David: MIB
Molly: Tinkerbell
Abbey: Pringle Man
Susan: Cruella de Vil
Sue: Hippie Flower Girl
Tess: Devil Imp
Amaya: Marvel Hero?
Person in far right, guessing its sandy: Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.
Mystery Girl Under Paulo: Princess Peach.

Anonymous #1 11 years ago.

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Who the hell is way over there on the side?

Anonymous #2 11 years ago.

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Sock 11 years ago.

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The girl under Paulo is Katie
And the other one on the side I thing she may be Sandy o3o

Effie 11 years ago.

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"The girl under Paulo is Katie."


Sock 11 years ago.

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* light bulb*

runo 11 years ago.

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runo 11 years ago.

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Haha! Wow, you guys are very specific. I was thinking more along the lines of "vampire" and "fairy" but I like your answers more.
And I had no idea who Menshi was until I looked it up, sorry. D:
And yes, that's Katie and the one way overrrr to the side is Sandy. Lame zombie Sandy.xD

reddawn 11 years ago.