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Candybooru image #2067, tagged with Catherine Creophagous_(Artist) Zach ZachxCatherine


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Man this looks terrible up close. No more zooming out to draw for me!

I was in a big car crash today and had to wait 23984534534 hours at the chiropractor to make sure I wasn't dying or anything. Doodled this up then. Zach and Catherine from their kiddie days? I guess?

I love these two, they're like Mike and Lucy but without all the brain hemorrhaging. (Another note: Am I really the first person to use the pairing tag for them? CANON GIVES BUT WE DON'T TAKE WHY)

creophagous 11 years ago.

Comment ID #10129

There should be more of this :3

Sammy 11 years ago.

Comment ID #10130

@Creo: I'm sorry to hear about the accident... but kudos to you on this awesome drawing!!! AND GOOD POINT ABOUT THE PAIR. WHY DON'T WE EVER DRAW THIS SHIZZIT!?

Gabriel_Kaxbe 11 years ago.

Comment ID #10137

I'd say that I want to see more of these two, but I kinda don't want them to get ruined...
Regardless, it's an opportunity not to be missed.

Lord_Tristan 11 years ago.

Comment ID #10138

Best relationship pair ever. Also, way to be the first guy to do a ZachxCatherine picture. You must feel quite accomplished now ;)

Null 11 years ago.

Comment ID #10140

Actually, I take that back, this pic has been hanging around for a while e

But still, you're the first guy to use a ZachxCatherine tag ;D That counts for something!

Null 11 years ago.

Comment ID #10150

Love, love love it! ~<3

Anonymous #1 11 years ago.

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Thank you all, guys! :D <3

@Kaxbe; I appreciate it. c: The accident was bad, but I appear to be functioning alright enough to draw, so I guess I'm mostly okay.

creophagous 11 years ago.

Comment ID #10246

reminds me of some of goats old drawing style

Anonymous #2 11 years ago.