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Candybooru image #2318, tagged with DieWeiBRitter_(Artist) Paulo PauloxTess Tess costume parody


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This is what happens when one stops studying BioChem for five minutes. A hour and a half later, THIS!!! I decided that I will upload a number of these Code Geass/BCB shots, some with action, some with just the characters (as seen above). I don't know the frequency of the posts, so just be patient. With that said, sit back and enjoy Part 2!

DieWeiBRItter 11 years ago.

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woo another addition to the Code Geass/BCB. Looking forward to part 2.

Anonymous #1 11 years ago.

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Oh dear

Anonymous #2 11 years ago.

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Why "Oh dear"?

Anonymous #3 11 years ago.