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Candybooru image #242, tagged with Abbey McCain Rixx_(Artist)


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hah. awesome

Chazfullmetal 9 years ago.

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i love how abbey and McCain look in this

Magnus 9 years ago.

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note to self: never put two intellectuals in the same room/group/house/school/toilet...

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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Cool com-- Toilet???

Buttered_Toast 8 years ago.

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Yay, featuring Abbey! : 3
I really enjoyed this, it was so funny! :D
And I think it actually sounds like a conversation these two would have. ^o^
I found it hilarious, and they both look so cute with that style. Faved. ^_^

foggy_han 7 years ago.

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Cute. :smirk:

1434939 1 year ago.