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Candybooru image #2744, tagged with Amaya David Kitsonpaw_(Artist) Lucy Mike Yashy


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Yeah... the box says it all... dont ask what the body up there is, i have no idea... let me fix them tags first...

Kitsonpaw 11 years ago.

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anyways... right ti amaya is mike and lucy, he angered her, so now, his foot suffers, amaya invited them for a movie... but... lets say that things aint working out right... david is having a theather food fight... and yashy telling daisy and a few other girls that they are whores... the anvil was on my part. i have a feeling this is gonna get weird review...

Kitsonpaw 11 years ago.

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Interesting to say the least but it ain't bad but also my artwork is shit compared to this good job from my perspective :D


Anonymous #1 11 years ago.

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Do you know how to crop?

Anonymous #2 11 years ago.

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first, i scanned my drawings. then, after it saved, i went to my scans, and wennt to the pic. took me seven times to get something i liked. after that, i opened it, and used marquee toi select it, copy, and pasted it on paint. after messing with the file size (i thought i got it right, but that horrid white space above taunts me) i saved, then uploaded it. and its rather easy and fun! (of course, if your into dealing with the scanner troubles and learning controls in five minutes horrors...) yeah, i had a good time... lalalala!~

Kitsonpaw 11 years ago.

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if you're stuck with paint, do a vertical flip, crop, then vertical flip again. it'll let you crop off the top part.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.