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Candybooru image #3192, tagged with Lucy Prinnyworth_(Artist) human


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Whoa. The level of detail is amazing. The shading, fantastic. The architecture, consistent. The posture, organic and well-done. The leaves and wind top it all off.
And I can just barely make out the two figures beneath the backpack. Either I don't know who they are, or their distinctive features are too far away to see clearly.

Mr_Klaus 8 years ago.

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Giant Lucy! *shot*

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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Anon 1

I thought the same thing until I realized ahe was on a hill overlooking the building, then the world mad sense again.

Though I still see the giant leaf on top of the building casting shadows, there's just no explanation for that....


It's Paulo and Mike.

Anonymous #2 8 years ago.

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Those look like mike and paulo keychains, Mr Klaus.

The shading here is really nice, I like it, but there's something off with the perspective. We can see lucy's chin from below, but also the top of the school building, which gives the impression that she's taller than the school. The background and the character are really nicely drawn, they just don't match up well because they are on different perspectives...

Migrant 8 years ago.

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I think the shadow people are referring to are actually wind lines.

Stormthehouse 8 years ago.

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Oh Prinny, when will you stop making art that looks more like a photo of everything we want mixed together?

Anonymous #3 8 years ago.

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Don't be so impressed by the school it's just a model.

RickAstley 8 years ago.

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Every day I come here, and every day I find something awesome.

Luei 8 years ago.

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Rick Astley:

Anonymous #4 8 years ago.