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Candybooru image #3547, tagged with Shmeba_(Artist) Tess


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My friend Courtney drew this & I scaned & posted it for her!!!
~ Shmeba

Shmeba 8 years ago.

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wow your friend sure is talented xD
no offense to courtney but your drawing are even better than hers

you two should just keep practicing thats what im doing practicing everyday, every f***ing hour, drawing bottles and boots and fanart and shading and coloring and arghhhhhh Dx its annoying, but when you really want something you can do it :)

and why havent i uploaded my fanart of bcb yet? im sooo lazy god dammit...

macaron 8 years ago.

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She knows she's bad, she's good at drawing real cats!

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.