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Candybooru image #4544, tagged with Lucy Mike MikexLucy Sparkfur_(Artist) Taeshi_(Artist) wallpaper


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Raxki 8 years ago.

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Another wallpaper. Mike falling is pulled from the source, thus Taeshi is linked as author.

I tried more contrast with this, though it ended up a lot brighter in general than I'd have liked.

Sparkfur 8 years ago.

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I like this
The layout seems balanced, and I like the color choice for the glow, it definitely keeps consistency with the mood
Nice job :smirk:

Kaizy 8 years ago.

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I was JUST working on something almost IDENTICAL to this! But I got lazy and deleted it.

Nice job! Love the mood you created :)

MildlyConcerned 8 years ago.