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Candybooru image #4646, tagged with Amaya Lisa_(Artist) ZoeStellan_(Artist) parody wallpaper


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Was going to go for a much lighter and innocent background, but then I thought "Hey, but Pleinair is supposed to be a Demon, and a strong one at that". So I gave her this background instead.

ZoeStellan 10 years ago.

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Oh also, If you're using Vista or Windows 7, you will get severe artifacts when putting this as wallpaper. To fix it, right click the image directly from the browser and set is as wallpaper.

Stupid windows compresses the image if you download it first and set it as WP.

ZoeStellan 10 years ago.

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Oh Amaya. My favorite background character, and the reason I eat popcorn every time I read this comic.

Seikyuu 10 years ago.

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that image reminds me to trauma center

Felo 10 years ago.

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Its plenair from disgaea... hope she's not like her XD

bakery_full_of_cakes 10 years ago.